Mazda 323 Starting Problem - pete&hisgolf
My 323 always used to start first time. In the past week it has taken several churns of the key followed by a lumpy tickover and stalling before it settles down (which it always does). It was service about a month ago, spark plugs are relatively recent, so I'm hoping that the poor starting is caused by damp which liberal application ofr WD40 should sort out.

My question is: where should I be spraying WD40? Should I take the leads off the spark plugs and spray inside them, or simply spray everything on the outside. By the way, I'm clueless regarding everything under the bonnet, so please could any replies be phrased in laymans terms!


Mazda 323 Starting Problem - piston power
DRY the ignition system like the coil pack take 1 ht lead off dry it and squirt wd40 on the connection don't worry it's ok, do this to them all and the electrical power connections to the coil pack, and at the spark plug end.
If it's the older type with the seperate coil and distributer cap you will have to remove the cap and dry that out and give a squirt,same with the coil see how you get on? good luck

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