VAG Air con cut off temp - mss1tw
Does anyone know for sure what the cut off temperature is for VAG cars?
VAG Air con cut off temp - Garethj
Not for sure, but for most other cars it's 3 or 4 degrees celcius
VAG Air con cut off temp - Altea Ego
5c on the touran
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VAG Air con cut off temp - jc2
Does this apply if you switch it to re-circ.??
VAG Air con cut off temp - Hamsafar
My VW too, doesn't seem to dry the air in this damp weather, and even steams up the windscreen. Reminds me of the olden days. Other cars I had would clear this sort of thing in seconds, but the VW will make it worse just like in the olden days. What rubbish.
VAG Air con cut off temp - Stuartli
My VW Bora will cut off the recirculating feature from around 4 degrees C if you attempt to have maximum windscreen demisting. I presume it's to prevent the screen rapidly misting up.

However the A/C works very well, probably because I keep the windows, especially the windscreen and rear screen as clean as possible to prevent condensation "sticking" to the film that builds up on the glass.
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VAG Air con cut off temp - mss1tw
Ta very much
VAG Air con cut off temp - Dave N
The later ones will still run the compressor if it's below zeroC if in defrost mode.
VAG Air con cut off temp - Big John
My Skoda Superb seems to cut off at around 5-6 deg, last year this was a real pain causing it to steam up as the temperature dropped. This year its muuuuccccch better, the climate control developed a fault (flap servo) that needed a dash out strip-down(thanks warranty!!), I wonder it the water drain was partially blocked?

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