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My dads old 96 P reg VW Caddy is about worn out, we are going out to look at a replacement van after xmas.

It needs to be no taller then the old Caddy 1846mm ( a bit lower roofline would actually be better ) because it has to fit in a garage.

He has seen a lot of good deals on run out pre reg mk4 Astravans with the 1.7 CDTi engine / Sportive spec, Is the mk4 Astra van with that CDTi lump any good? I have heard a lot of horror stories from the trade people over reliability.

Also been told to look at Transit Connect, Citroen Berlingo & the new shape VW Caddy.

Max cost of £9K either new or nearly new ( dont worry about VAT, thats claimed back ) & its a cash sale, must be a diesel, must have ABS, deadlocks would be a good plus, alarm would be nice & also so would aircon.

Outright weight carrying capacity isnt really an issue but reliability is.

Any known horror stories for the above mentioned vans? any others to consider adding to the list?

Help pick a small van - Navara Van man
I have heard of a few problems with the transit conect when I asked a similar question. The astra van is probably fine but theres no slideing door so its harder to use all the load space. I would go for the new caddy without hesitation.

Good deals on ex royal mail berlingos in the auctions also.
Help pick a small van - LeePower
I knows there's a wiring modification issue on the Connect for the ECU controlled alterantor.

There is a temp bodge to get you home / to garage should it throw the warning light on before it leaves you stuck.

He has never had a side loading door on any van he has owned so while it would be nice to have one its not really essential.

A TDI Caddy van is on the test drive list, also the Birlingos have cracking deals on pre reg delivery miles so that's on the list too.

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