K-Series development continues! - stunorthants26
"Land Rover have redesigned the K series 1.8 head gasket and upgraded the lower rail that the head bolts screw into.

The head gasket has lost it's elastomeric beads and now has a laminated type of construction and the lower rail is beefed up - it must have an effect upon the clamping load. Head torque figures remain unchanged"

Just a littel tit-bit I saw on another website - Im no mechanic but atleast they are still working on it eh.
K-Series development continues! - Xileno {P}
I can't think why LR would bother anymore, in the new Freelander this wretched engine has at last been consigned to the bin.
K-Series development continues! - cheddar
this wretched engine has at last been consigned to the


Rather unfair, it is light, thermodynically efficient, crisp and free revving, the 1.1 and 1.4 8v versions are very reliable, the 1.4 16v pretty good, it only the 1.6 and 1.8s that have a reputation for HGF usually caused because the driver has neglected to check the coolant level and the engine has overheated.
K-Series development continues! - y2k+4
Maybe they're considering reintroducing it to offer a cheaper, lower-powered model?
K-Series development continues! - Xileno {P}
I was refering to the 1.8, the other K's were not used in the Freelander. Neglecting the coolant level may amplify the problems but certainly wasn't the underlying cause. Bad design in terms of thermostat location and (presumably) short sighted cost cutting in replacing the steel cylinder head alignment dowels with plastic ones, leading to head movement.

If the problems are sorted, then that's good. However it's too late for many owners.
K-Series development continues! - jc2
That's Ford trying to sort out other manufacturers's lack of development.
K-Series development continues! - Xileno {P}
But why? This engine is no longer used in any LR product and with a huge range of engines from the Ford/PAG/Whatever stable, they don't need another 4 cylinder 1.8 petrol engine. Seems very strange to me. I think we should be told...
K-Series development continues! - Civic8
>>However it's too late for many owners

Maybe,but no reason why it cannot be used in new cars,assuming the cooling system IS sorted as that was the main problem with K-series engine
K-Series development continues! - reevsie
I drive a Rover 414 16v and think its a pukka engine. Sometimes I forget its only a 1.4. So long as you look after the coolant and rad its as reliable as any other car. Mines on 105k and on the orignal head gasket. Had a Nova 1.2, head gasket went at 90k and a Peugeot 406 1.8 and that had HGF at 60k, but hey , i don't mind, I get a nice cheap car to run around in because of its supposed unreliabililty.
K-Series development continues! - Micky


K-series can still be more than a match for the competition, should have fixed the problems earlier though :-(

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