Nissan Pathfinder - wmidsgw
Looking to purchase either the Pathfinder or Kia Sorento in the new year (new).
Read several write ups on both, but just wondered whether anyone out there owns either and would care to comment ....good or bad.
Nissan Pathfinder - Shaz {p}
Had a quick look at one at a super market once - looke dpretty good - top sepc one has the rear parking camera - which is handy. Leather not brilliant quality, and fabric looked tough. Rear seats did not seem to have much leg room though - although does have a big boot.
Seem to get good reviews.
Nissan Pathfinder - Dave N
I had a pathfinder diesel auto for a long weekend.

Quality of interior was a bit variable, quite a lot of cheap hard plastic, and when you slammed the tailgate everything rattled. But it seemed tough enough, just not up there with the best. They are reasonably priced, and Nissan can't shift them so theres some good deals around.

The biggest problem was the engine and gearbox. The auto seemed to have the wrong stall speed, so it revved a lot before anything happened, and was too quick to change down one or two gears. The engine is also a bit boomy and thrashy as a result. TBH the engine is too small. I know it's got quite a lot of power, but these cars are best with larger, lower revving diesels, not a titchy one that's been tuned up. A Landcruiser is a much better bet, even though it's still only a 3 litre 4 cylinder engine, but the engine/box combination is miles better, and it's much better insulated and kitted out.
Nissan Pathfinder - boxsterboy
The Pathfinder is basically a tarted-up pick-up and is much more basic in it's mechanicals (leaf springs at the rear). The Sorento is more refined, but will still be a bit crude compared to a 'car'.

Pathfinders to me seem more suited to Travellers.
Nissan Pathfinder - Hairy Hat Man
I drive pathfinders, shoguns and land cruisers for work. Without a doubt, the pathfinder is the worst of them in terms of comfort, cabin noise, the feel of the cabin (tacky switch gear) and performance. Can't comment on the Sorento.
Nissan Pathfinder - Hairy Hat Man
Oh and second Dave N on his description of the auto deisel box. It revs to 4.5k even when you're not pushing it!
Nissan Pathfinder - wmidsgw
Thanks for your with about 28k available do you feel I'd be better off buying a 12 month old Disco or Landcruiser rather than a new Pathfinder. Which vehicle would you choose?
Thanks again.
Nissan Pathfinder - Dave N
The Disco is a joy to drive, but could do with more power. Beautifuly finished, quiet, smooth, handle well. But... they have woeful reliability, suspension problems, turbos, electrical gremlins, wiring issues, you name it, theres a good chance it will go wrong.

The Landcruiser is not as nice to drive, more truck like, is a little underpowered, but will not give you a lot of hassle.

Even the old Shogun is not bad, and there;s a lot of good deals about as a new one is on the horizon. Test drive a few and see what you think.
Nissan Pathfinder - Shaz {p}
If thats your budget then forget the Nissan - I thought you were looking at an older car. If you need 7 seats then a discovery (will have a warranty) - power wise - not quick, but can always remap.

Or an older Range Rover!
Nissan Pathfinder - Noble
For your £28k you'll get a brand new Pathfinder, at least £1k in change and it will have a whole host of extras but to get the same spec on the Disco it will cost you nearly £40k. The Disco is a nicer and more much luxurious car to drive and has bags of prestige but it has an indifferent reliabilty record, has about 10% poorer fuel efficiency and needs more frequent servicing than the Pathfinder. So all other things being equal your heart will want the Disco but your head will say the Pathfinder.
Nissan Pathfinder - dodo
Locally I know three people who bought new Pathfinders. They have been replaced by a Toyota Landcruiser, Mitsibushi L200 (new model) and a Renault Espace. I talked to the last one recently at the petrol station -he said the PAthfinder was easily the worst car he had owned in 20 years driving - try getting into seats 6 and 7!

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