Primera Salvage - William James
My 1998 Primera SLX auto needs a new cylnder head gasket for the second time. I reckon its best to sell it since the cost of repair ( it was over £700 last time) doesn't seem to be justified, given the age and value of the car. Any suggestions as to how I might value it , to place an ad in say Autotrader? Its got 4 new Continental tyres, and a relatively new battery.
Many thanks
William James
Primera Salvage - piston power
it,s gonna show up if some body comes to look at it who's got some experience unless you are telling them it's faulty? the next place is put in the auctions set a reserve price not too high and see what happens? sold as seen!!
Primera Salvage - Aprilia
Sell it as salvage either in Autotrader of Ebay.
Strange the head has gone twice - been running withou antifreeze or something?
Primera Salvage - stuartl
I would suggest ebay as well.

Someone with garage facilities could do the job for a fraction of what you've been quoted if it's just the gasket gone. I might be interested in it myself! Let me know if it goes on ebay!

Primera Salvage - bell boy
i personally would scrap it,much less bother than having loads of tyre kickers sniffing the coolent and asking inane worthless questions
as said 1 headgasket is surprising
2 means something deeper

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