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when does the cambelt on rover 75 deisel need changing please
rover75 cambelt - Sprice
Think its a timing chain on these? I might be wrong though, I'm sure one of the regulars will enlighten you!
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This is a list of cars with cam chains. There is no Rover model listed on it at all
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The 75 diesel has a chain, not belt. I queried the same thing on here recently as I'm looking at getting one. Also lots of good info here (you need to register but its free)

Hope that helps. Mark.
rover75 cambelt - Armitage Shanks {p}
Thanks Mark - I was only quoting HJ's FAQs which seem to be slightly in error!
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rover75 cambelt - LeePower
Its a BMW diesel lump in the 75, Best engine out the lot.

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