vauxhall omega central locking - redsparky
hi.....having just sorted out my central locking.....the front passenger door knob isnt working, it has always been hit or miss wether it works or not but now it doesnt work at all when i use the remote....any ideas what might be causing the problem ??
vauxhall omega central locking - Dynamic Dave
I take it the door doesn't lock either unless you manually press down the button?

Loose wire?
Broken wire between A frame and door?
Failed servo?

Easiest thing to check first is to take the door card off and check for loose / disconnected wiring and then go from there.

vauxhall omega central locking - redsparky
yeah im waiting for a dry day in order to take the trim was working.(well sort of) up until recently so hopefully its something silly..thanks

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