Skoda Elegance 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Crinkly Dave
Deed is done, and SWMBO has just bought the above, so that my beloved 405 estate is off to a new owner.

34K on clock. Not the PDI engine, so I have been told good quality semi-synthetic only is required, and it will be on 6 month oil changes (6-7K miles) rather than variable servicing. About to ask local Skoda garage if they can consult their computer to check if brake fluid etc has been done.

Was considering oil & filter change, brake fluid swop (DOT4?), Coolant change (probaly 5 year anti-freeze). When is the cambelt due on these, and do you require tensioners etc (405 still on original after 237k)

Can the backroomers suggest any other jobs I should be considering, or advice against the above
Skoda Elegance 1.9TDI 5/2003 - 659FBE
What model of Skoda do you have, Dave? There are several which use this engine.

A 2003 1.9 litre diesel will be a VW PD unit for which special oil is required. Double check this - it's vital. If you take off the outer plastic cover on the engine (3 x M6 nuts) all will be evident - PD engines have no visible high pressure fuel lines.

Cambelt changes are very important on the PD engine - 4 years maximum service duration. Change tensioners and water pump at the same time - the drive is highly stressed. Use recommended VW antifreeze (usually G12) only.

Depending on which body it's fitted to, I could suggest a few other jobs.

Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Crinkly Dave
Sorry 659FBE. I am a bit vague at the moment. It is an Octavia, with an estate body.

Job over the Xmas hols is to acquire and fit a towbar, or have one fitted. Choice so far appears to be a Towsure one, at £110 and a dedicated electrics kit at £76. Reckon the extra over a universal kit will be worth it
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Crinkly Dave
Sorry, I am vague, aren't I?

I have been told it is the TDi, not the TDi PD. That's why I can get away with conventional oil.

I know this is a confusing subject with the VAG diesel engines
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - George Porge
I suggest you check your info as Skoda have been fitting the PD engines since 2001. Post a link to an engine photo for a diffinitive answer ;O)
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Crinkly Dave
I will have a go, but the dealer, local skoda garage, and local independent all think it is none-PD. V5 says it is a TDI and engine number is ASV432462ASV
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - 659FBE
Dave, it's really important that you identify your engine correctly from a servicing aspect. Look on the top of the plastic cambelt cover - there will be a paper label carrying a 3 letter engine ID code. Find it and reprort back; it will be something like AWX or AVF. My 2004 car says TDi on the boot lid and has a PD engine.

Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - bert-j
Use an oil to VW 505.01 specification. This is the correct oil for the pdi engines and even if you have an older tdi engine this will be suitable. However, I agree with other members that you have almost certainly got a pdi engine. There is a dedicated Skoda forum at where there are lots of Skoda experts.
All VW/Skoda diesel badges 'say' tdi even though the cars are fitted with pdi engines. There is no such thing as a 'pdi' badge!
If the car has been serviced correctly the brake fluid should have been changed at 2 years, irrespective of mileage. There is a lot of confusion over cam belt changes. The recommendation seems now to be 60,000 miles but there are some older cars that require a change at 40,000 miles. Your dealer should be able to sort this out for you. If not find a Skoda dealer that can.
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Big John
It could be the old tdi engine. I thought the old model Octavia Elegance tdi still used the old 110bhp engine at this age of car (90 bhp in other models). The 1.9 PD (100 & 130 bhp) engine was used by skoda at this time in the Fabia and the Superb.
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - AndyT
I thought the pd was only fitted to the new model Octavia, not the old one.
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - George Porge

Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - bazza
Yes, correct, the old Octavia until 2004 was available with the 90 bhp (Ambience) and110 bhp (Elegance) non PD engines. I think the top spec Laurent/Klement may have had the 130 PD unit for a short while.
THe switch to PD came with the new model , 105 PD and 140 PD, dropping the old 90 and 110 units.
Incidentally I have the 110 Elegance unit, it's on 60000 mile cambelt change according to all the sources I've checked, I'll probably get it changed just under 50K.
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Crinkly Dave
Thanks again for all your help. It is a 5 speed, so it does look like I am correct, and it is not the PD engine. So what oil should it be? My garage was quite insistent 10/40 semisynth would be OK.

I was thinking of ordering up a Towsure towbar and dedicated kit for electrics, but even the local garage admit that unless it is a straightforward job, they now send the car to a local specialist who does this daily

Any comments?
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - bert-j
The critical thing about VAG (VW/Skoda) diesel engines is that you use the correct VAG oil specification. If your engine is definitely the tdi version then you need a diesel specific oil to VAG 505.00 specification (this may also be shown as VW 505.00). As I've said before pdi engines need VAG 505.01 if they are on fixed service intervals.
I fitted a Witter towbar (similar to Towsure) to an Octavia estate in 2001. You need the rear of the car on ramps and it is then a very straightforward job once you have located all the screws holding the rear plastic bumper on. You need two people to remove and replace this very large moulding. IIRC the steel inner bumper is replaced by the towbar cross member. The electrics are completely straightforward with normal 12v feeds (no complicated can bus feeds). However you may find that the total cost of a professional fitter is not very much more than you can buy the parts for. If you use a 'professional' make sure that they have been recommended by someone as towbar safety is rather critical!
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - mss1tw
I see ASV there - my car has an ASV engine and is 110hp non-PD TDi.
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - mss1tw
I only use oil that specifically states it VW spec compliant by the way.
Skoda Elegance Octavia est 1.9TDI 5/2003 - Crinkly Dave
I have the handbook now, and it says 5/40 to 20/50 oil to SAE CD. Think it will be the 10/40 semisynthetic


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