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I am interested in buying a car thet is a left hand weel drive, where can I get one here in England in the Noprth East in particular, are there any cars like that on any auctions and which ones and are they in general more ore less expencive tham the rest and how often you would came accross one at the auction.... If anyone knows anything about this, feel free to share the information with the rest of us and especialy myself, thanks
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A google search, the result of which is a link too long to post here, gives 238,000 answers! Google for "Left hand drive car dealers" in google UK and you will get loads of results.
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hello welcome and is your driving licence still valid? aaaaaaaaaaaaar har?
there is a place that deals in left hookers darn sarth,if you go to the auctions elvis you will spend your life there trying to find one,at one time exchange an mart was the place to look ,does this book still run? i dont know?
as said google really must have the answers these days.
dont have a wooden heart when haggling,dealers have bills too :-)
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A google search, ......and you will get loads of results.

Or eyes left and please support this site

I have just tried the Auto Trader search with no make supplied and then did a second search with LHD and got lots of hits starting at £994.
a Porche for £1099 with lots of pics and a big write up.

It also identifies some LHD Secialist dealers.


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