Seat Altea - Kazza62
Hope someone can help....think I'm about to lose the plot. Bought 1.9 Stylance pre reg in Aug '06 & it's been in a dealers in Glasgow 4 times with an intermittent judder through the pedals & steering when I get to 55 mph- above that the sensation stops. Basically, the workshop can't find the cause.....thought it might be the bearings & on advice of the technical dept at SEAT, have changed one & rotated the tyres. Surprise surprise, it's still doing it. The dealer don't think the problem''s "too bad"(in other words, put up with it) & say that SEAT have no reports worldwide of this intermittent fault. Called SEAT today who weren't much help either.
Is there anyone out there how's heard of this problem or has any suggestions?!

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Seat Altea "shudder" - Micky
Try another dealer.
Seat Altea "shudder" - AR-CoolC
I've not heard of this problem, but pop over to and ask there. There is a large Altea section.
Seat Altea "shudder" - Kazza62
Will give this a go. Thanks!

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