Seat Leon TDi - Muswell
Thinking of getting one as a company car
(3 year contract @ £220 a month for 20K miles a year)
sounds good to me

Anyone got any experience of them.?

I had a MK1 Octavia 4*4 which was on the VAG Golf MK4 platform and that was the best car I ever owned.

Is the Seat the best on the MK5 platform - its certainly the prettiest.
Seat Leon TDi - AR-CoolC
I have one, a 1.9TDI Stylance.

I'm more than happy with it. As you say by far the best looking of the Mk5 platform cars.

Yes the plastics inside are of a lower quality than the audi and VW equivilents, but not that much lower.

On paper the 1.9 had the better fuel economy, but in the real world the 2.0 performs better (colleagues have an altea and Audi A4 with the 2.0TDI) probably due to it having a sixth gear for better top gear cruising.

I say go for it.

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