Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - lsb777
I have a 94L 2.0i 8v VSX and am experiencing problems. It starts fine, suspension lifts to normal height fine BUT it always sticks in 1st gear for too long (in Drive) and will eventually drop into 2nd, then straight into 3rd as the revs have hit about 5000 and it sounds like the exhaust is gonna fall off! A Citroen dealer advised that the gearbox needs to be warmed up sufficiently before driving off, but even after wasting 10 mins sitting still, it still happens every day. Any ideas?
Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - Dynamic Dave
Tried changing the oil in the autobox?
Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - markengland
I had the same on a 98 TDI Passat, turned out to be fluid leak from the gearbox. Check your gearbox oil level and probably worth doing a change if not been done for a while.
Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - Ruperts Trooper
Change the gearbox oil. Despite most manufacturers recommending no change interval for their autoboxes, fresh oil seems to cure many problems like this AND is very cheap compared to some of the other work that autoboxes can need.

You'll only get about half the old oil out because you can't drain the converter so don't simply refill with the nominal quantity.
Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - Number_Cruncher
Automatic gearboxes usually have some device which communicates the throttle position to them, and is used inn the gearboxes gear shifting logic to determine at what vehicle speed to change up / down. Sometimes, this is a simple cable, sometimes they use a throttle position sensor (which can be the same one used for the fuel injection system).

If either the cable or sensor (I don't know which is fitted) stick or fail, one possibility is that the gearbox would be reluctant to change up. In both cases, this is a simple, cheap check to make - you will need a voltmeter to check the throttle position sensor (if fitted).

The other advice given, to change the oil is also good, IMO, as this could also be a symptom of a shift valve sticking.

Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - lsb777
Thanks to all who have replied. I'm going to try changing the fluid on Friday to see if that will help as I've lost all forward gears twice over last 2 days for short period. Fingers crossed. Cheers
Xantia Auto Gearbox Problem - Aprilia
Sounds typical of a sticking governor. The usual reason for this is contamination due to wear debris from some part of transmission. Cure would be a strip and rebuild, replacing the wearing part (often its the torque convertor falling apart).

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