Driving legless - Statistical outlier
I suppose it makes a change from the usual drunk driving stories...

Driving legless - artful dodger {P}
I jest:

I suppose this could be the police getting the boot in.

He could not have been speeding as he did not put his foot down.

This was a clean sweep for the law.

Even if he had escaped, he could never have made a run for it.

Anyone else like to join in? :-)

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Driving legless - Pugugly {P}
No. Family friend has no legs as a result of the "Falklands Experience" He can drive though !
Driving legless - local yokel
Uncle by marriage was one of the last to have polio as a teenager. Didn't stop him driving an automatic Jaguar (new every other year) for the 40 years I knew him.

and fathering three daughters..
Driving legless - mss1tw
No defence, he hasn't got a leg to stand on.
Driving legless - GroovyMucker
Is it the same Robert Bate who, "[having ] drunk 16 pints, [was] cajoled into acting as a lookout for two friends during a burglary in Easington Colliery. The home owner, a security guard, was asleep in his sitting room when he heard a disturbance at the window at 4am. He saw three men, one of whom appeared to be sitting down. ?His attention was drawn to the defendant, who had no legs,? the court was told. The three fled and the house-owner saw one man pick Bate up and carry him away." ? (www.newcastlestuff.com/March02/March02.html )

Driving legless - cheddar
Driving legless - Honestjohn
But what's the point of a jail sentence? Especially now we are told the prisons are full?

Driving legless - Lud
Perhaps someone should offer him a job inspiring those who have lost limbs to ignore the fact and continue to be daft as brushes... Clearly the guy has what might be called spirit, although he has clearly been under bad influences perhaps from an early age.
Driving legless - GroovyMucker
"It ... sped off unexpectedly towards a retail park in nearby Murton. After three miles, the car left the road and careered through a fence and hedgerow before stopping in a farmer's field."

Now even given that Murton is Murton, and anyone in his right mind would want to be out of it, three miles of speeding prior to losing control and careering through a fence is hardly a brief dipping of standards, HJ.

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Driving legless - Vin {P}
"It ... sped off unexpectedly towards a retail park in nearby Murton. After three miles, the car left the road and careered through a fence and hedgerow before stopping in a farmer's field."

But he did ask for another nine fences to be taken into consideration.

I'll get my coat.

Driving legless - Mapmaker
AFAIK you can get hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake if you are legless. So it is beyond me why his defence said 'Nick Cartmell, defending, told the court: "At nine-years-old tragedy took everything from him but he hates to be reliant on anyone." '

Clutching at straws, I suppose, as he was uninsured, unlicensed - and high.
Driving legless - Pugugly {P}
It's called defending the indefensible and acting on the client's "instructions" - people can be quite stubborn you know.
Driving legless - nortones2
I thought the usual sign that the scrote is lying through his teeth was the phrase "I am instructed ...." following which a pathetic and heartrending tale hopefully draws suppressed laughter from the bench.
Driving legless - Vin {P}
A friend of mine tells me that one of his most toe-curling moments in court was having to say "My client has instructed me to say that if you telephone either Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher they will be able to explain why he was..."

Driving legless - L'escargot
Especially now we
are told the prisons are full?

They're only deemed to be full because the do-gooders think the inmates should live in spacious luxury. Keep cramming them in, I say.
Driving legless - Statistical outlier
One of my best friends is paraplegic following a car crash - I'm not mocking those who've had that sort of misfortune.

I've no sympathy for this chap - for one thing, he could have a free, taxed and insured car with hand controls simply by using his disability allowance!!! A corsa or suchlike would be completely free other than fuel. No excuse.
Driving legless - NowWheels
I can't help but feel a lot of sympathy for someone in that situation who decides (like the blind driver reported a few months ago) that they want to get mobile despite all the obstacles, and who does it in a mad burst of danger rather than in a responsible way with proper hand controls. I suspect that a court might have been much more sympathetic if he hadn't been doing drugs as well.

Like HJ, though, I do wonder what good 12 months in jail will do in this case. Drug rehab, counselling, and a hefty dose of community service would seem like a more productive option, at lower cost to the taxpayer and with far less chance of reoffending. But, as usual, we don't have all the facts which were before the courts ...
Driving legless - Stuartli
He certainly gave it a bit of stick - in fact he caned it...
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