citroen xsara HDI tick - James_dbrz
i have a citroen xsara 90hp hdi estate and between 2000 and 3000 rpm under load the car ticks. I thought it may be the crankshaft pulley bu last week i did a full major service which included new cambelt, water pump, cambelt pulleys and crankshaft balancer pulley and the noise is still there the noise completely dissapears when you gat to 3000 rpm like turning of a switch does anyone have any ideas what the noise could be? Coule it be the fuel pump or noisy injectors?

Thanks in advance for any help
citroen xsara HDI tick - RichardW
This is a well known fault on higher mileage HDi engines (90 BHP versions at least). My mate's 150k 306 does it - like you say just like a switch at 3200 rpm! My understanding is that it is to do with worn injectors that do not perform the pre-injection properly - and the reason it goes off at 3200 rpm is that the ECU cuts the pre-injection off - so it is a switch in essence! What I don't know is whether running like this causes any permanent damage - but AFAIK the only solution is a new set of injectors.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
citroen xsara HDI tick - James_dbrz
thanks for the reply my next step was to get a set of injectors as it does sound like injector tick. Good to know i am not alone in the problem.
citroen xsara HDI tick - James_dbrz
will any hdi injectors do as a replacement or do they have to be citroen ones?
citroen xsara HDI tick - LeePower
Both Bosch & Seimens did HDI systems for PSA so make sure you get the correct type of injectors.
citroen xsara HDI tick - James_dbrz
i have the bosch system but does it matter if i get a set of 110 hp injectors for my car? or should i only get the 90 hp ones
citroen xsara HDI tick - LeePower
If the Bosch 10 digit ID number on the injector is the same then they will be fine.

If the ID number isnt the same then the answer is no.

Everything Bosch works on 10 digit ID numbers to match parts up, look out for X XXX XXX XXX on the part / item / ECU whatever it is.

Ive no idea what injectors the 110 HDI had fitted, sorry.
citroen xsara HDI tick - mss1tw
I remember this from my 306. Only done 60,000 miles too.

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