106 -40k service question - Steveb_ni
I'm in a situation with different quotes for the same work which needs done to my Peugeot 106.

1 garage is quoting me £190 (which could rise to £290) for a 40k service and timing belt.
another is quoting me £180 for the 2 but I have now just found a place which is offering both service and new timing belt for £130, excluding the brake discs (which I don't need).

I'm nearly 100% certain I'll go for the cheapest obviously, but is the anything major I should be wary about - it seems too cheap to be true as is where.

106 -40k service question - Gromit {P}
Once you allow for no brake discs (or labour to fit them) in the third quote, there's not so much difference between them. Suggest you check carefully exactly what each service covers (and how the first one could jump by £100).

Is there any chance you can get an opinion on any of the garages from friends who have used them before? Personally, I'd sooner pay more for a job well done than bottom rate for slipshod work.
106 -40k service question - Steveb_ni
It could jump to £290 if I need tensioners for my timing belt. If I don't need the tensioners the timing belt replacement (and i presume the service) is £190.

I've not cancelled that £190 one yet - i got exhaust work done from there last week and I've heard they are very reasonable for the work that they do. To be honest I would rather go for that garage. I might pop in and explain i dont need brake discs.
106 -40k service question - Gromit {P}
I'd suggest you check the car-by-car-breakdown and do a forum search to determine whether tensioner failure is a problem with the 106. It has been on other makes (VW and FIAT, among others) so that its recommended to change the tensioner along with the timing belt as a precaution.

As an aside, ask how the garage will determine whether the tensioner needs replacing. On VAG engines, for example, the issue is that the pulley wheel is made of nylon, which can fail prematurely. You can't tell the material is fatigued enough to be at risk of failure just by looking at it!
106 -40k service question - Galaxy
I wouldn't dream of having a timing belt fitted without changing the tensioners as well.

Not doing so is great, you save a bit of money until the tensioners decide to go and you get a big bang.

False economy!

106 -40k service question - DP
I agree with Galaxy.

It's not even as if the cost saving is huge. If it's a single tensioner you're looking at about £15-£20 difference in parts between a standalone belt and a full kit. When you consider what's at stake, that's nothing. Labour to change a tensioner is nothing in the context of the job. I changed all 3 on my Mondeo TD in less than 10 minutes and that was doing it for the first time.

A mechanic friend reckons over half the cars he sees with timing belt failure actually have belts in serviceable condition. It's a tensioner breaking up or the bearings collapsing that either throws the belt off or makes it jump a few teeth. The result is the same as a belt failure.


106 -40k service question - LeePower
Timing belt kit for this is less then £30 from a couple of French car parts suppliers, Also budget for a new water pump.
106 -40k service question - madf
What model 106? COs the engine DOES make a difference...

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