Vauxhall Vivaro 03 1.9d - Carrow
Hi all, can anyone help with a problem on the above vehicle. It will only rev to 1500rpm, the fuel filter has been changed but with no difference. A diagnostics check has shown no fault (although not a dealership check as they were too busy).

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully appreciated, my friend is tearing his hair out!!
Vauxhall Vivaro 03 1.9d - Xileno {P}
These modern diesels are too complicated for 'poke and hope'. It needs to go to a main dealer for proper diagnostics. It can go to a Renault garage as it's the Renault engine in these.
Vauxhall Vivaro 03 1.9d - Carrow
UPDATE: A disc from the egr valve had come away and lodged itself somewhere, partially blocking the intake. Don't how it happened but no damage seems to have been done & it runs fine now.

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