Skoda Octavia 4X4 1.8T - Lud
Further to my thread some time ago seeking information on this car for a friend, I got to drive it yesterday along the ghastly A12 to Colchester, in conditions varying from damp to bucketing down, with the sort of weekday traffic that implies.

It went very well indeed, like a rocket by my 90bhp Escort standards. Of course like most modern cars can be driven lazily or otherwise. Quite refined too, although I thought I was aware of more transmission parts whirling round than usual, a very slight vibration or rumble. The car sits quite high, and this example had big wheels and low-profile tyres also bad for refinement of feel. Busy traffic and rain meant that I only saw over 90mph once, and briefly. But it could obviously keep up with almost any traffic.

The notable quality was sure-footedness. Just once, exiting a wet roundabout, I gave it some clog in second and felt the transmission doing its thing: the car turned in as if on rails. Amazing. Of course with the owner, a more nervous driver than me although very experienced, sitting next to me I didn't try hard to provoke it, and don't think I would have done anyway. I seem to have grown out of that sort of thing.

The engine water temperature gauge stopped working en route. When the car was started again after lunch it worked again, then later stopped once more. I advised the owner to get the bad contact or whatver fixed soon. I found it difficult to adjust the driving seat to a comfortable position.

I had forgotten what purgatory public transport can be in morning rush hour. Even a dozen oysters for lunch at the Mersea fish shack didn't make me look forward to tubing it back home.
Skoda Octavia 4X4 1.8T - Clanger
Great post; glad you enjoyed the car. My BX 4x4 was just the same. Aware of more mechanical stuff going on under the floor and a ludicrous amount of grip when pressing on, even though it didn't have any clever electronics.
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