04 Reg Astra - Fuel Filter - andwoz
Does any one know where the fuel filter is situated on a 1.4 Vaux Astra life on 54 plate,any ideas

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54 Reg Astra - Fuel Filter - Ruperts Trooper
Under the floor pan, just in front of the nearside (left) rear wheel.

It should be replaced every 40,000 miles. It uses special pipe clips which need a special tool or can be done by fiddling with two very fine screwdrivers. Don't forget to release the fuel pressure in the engine compartment before removing the filter.
54 Reg Astra - Fuel Filter - piston power
40,000 mls!!! thats a bit high imo, i did mine every 12,000mls seen as there cheap as chips from vauxhall, i know vauxhall and other manufactures have upped service mileage's but if you want to look after it properley stick to 12,000mls..
54 Reg Astra - Fuel Filter - Ruperts Trooper
It's been 40,000 on Vauxhalls for a long time. Cars serviced at Vx dealers, or independents following manufacturers schedule, will only get them changed at 40k. They don't seem to suffer.

Changing a fuel filter annually (or 12k) seems un-neccessary overkill.

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