Mazda6 shake when changing gear - jbyron
Does anyone know what causes, and how to fix, a problem I have when changing gear - on a 52 Reg Mazda 6 Petrol.

I only notice when changing up the gears, that when Irelease the clutch and push on the gas, the car judders/shudders when the clutch passes the biting point.

This seems to happen when the engine is hot or cold, but I've only noticed it happening in the winder - when the outside temp is not too high. Doesn't happen every time, but here and there.

Is a major or minor problem, and how can it be fixed? Will it cause more damage if I leave it for a while before fixing it?

I have noticed this also happens on another car - a 53 Reg Fiat Stilo Petrol.

Any comments much appreciated

Mazda6 shake when changing gear - sine
Has this problem just begun or have you been experiencing it for a long time? If you've been driving the car a long time and this problem has only just occurred then ignore what I say below.

How do you drive the car? If you change gear and dump the clutch with engine revs not matched to the new gear then I'd expect bit of a jolt and maybe some transmission lash with the car being shunted back and forth a bit (especially if the transmission is a bit worn and loose). I don't know if the car has a dual mass flywheel but if it does then i'd expect it to pretty much prevent the shunting hapenning by absorbing the shock.

When you're on a quiet bit of road keep an eye on the rev gauge to see if it suddenly moves when you release the clutch. You may be changing gear to quickly or too slowly.
Mazda6 shake when changing gear - Altea Ego
>I have noticed this also happens on another car - a 53 Reg Fiat Stilo Petrol

being very blunt about it then, its your driving. It does sound like drive line shunt as described
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Mazda6 shake when changing gear - jbyron

It's been happening for about 3 months, and I've had the car about 6 months


The Fiat isn't my car :P - never driven it, just been asking around about the problem and went for a ride in the Fiat and it felt exactly the same

Was just wondering, next time I go to the garage, I ask them to look at something specific, rather than say "it doesn't feel quite right!"

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