Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - markengland
I am looking to replace my ageing 1996 1.8D Fiesta with something bigger and more comfortable. Although I only do around 14K miles a year, it needs to be diesel as I get this free as part of my salary package at work (we have diesel on site). I only have around £2,000 - £2,500 to spend and would ideally like a saloon, preferably a 1999/2000 reg onwards. I have seen a couple of 2000 Mondeos at local garages in Essex with reasonable mileage (60K) for around £2,400. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations as to what I should look out for, or if there are any other makes I should be looking at? I did post on here recently about a 1999 Laguna 1.9TD estate I saw on ebay but rapidly lost my enthusiasm after reading everyone's comments! I'd like something reliable and economical with air con, ABS and a CD player, in other words, a lot of car for not a lot of money! TIA.
Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - mss1tw
Lots to choose from but I do recommend the Toledo (I have to really).

2002 1.9TDI Lots of kit, 1 owner, 60,000 miles FSH for £4000. That's the 110hp non-PD one (A bonus for me)
Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - markengland
Thanks mss1tw, they're a nice car which I would definitely consider if it was within my price range but unfortunately a bit too much.
Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - boll
you could get a rover 75 diesel for 2,500 about y reg 100,000 miles lots of spec bmw engine ! wild card!
Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - bbroomlea{P}
If it was my 2.5K I would be going for a Rover 75 CDT. My old one did almost a 1/4 million miles and was still a fantastic car when I traded it in. They are built very well, cheap to run and due to the residuals taking a bit of a hit they shouldnt loose you too much money.

Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - Mapmaker
If the fuel is free... that really skews things. You want a big oil burner - why on earth does it need to be economical? And with that sort of fuel consumption, they'll be cheap.

What about an Audi 100/A6 quattro?
Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - markengland
Sorry, by economical I meant something that's going to have little or no repair costs. I'm not bothered about MPG!
Which diesel saloon for around £2,500? - Martin1981
If you want a diesel saloon for around £2500, something with little or no repair costs, then I'd recommend one of the last pre-common rail diesels around 1998/99. I'd go for a Peugeot 406 1.9TD, not the fastest car in the world due to the weight of the 406 but gives 45 mpg if driven carefully, are good for 200k plus and repair costs would be a lot less than the HDi equivalent. Failing that, there's always the Mondeo 1.8TD Mk 2-similar performance, economy and repair costs to the 406 but the engine is somewhat less refined than Peugeot's XUD. Still a reasonably nice and comfortable drive though.


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