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With the London Congestion Charge spreading in the new year, directly affecting my work, I thought I would investigate which cars are currently exempt from paying £8 per day for the pleasure of driving on roads that we motorists have already paid for many, many times over. For a car to be exempt it has to be on the Energy Saving Trust Powershift List.

This list includes cars such as certain LPG conversions, all-electric cars and all Honda, Toyota and Lexus hybrids. This got me thinking. Why are Lexus hybrids on the list? They are both large cars that emit more CO2 than many smaller cars that aren't on the list.

So I emailed EST asking them what the criteria are for making a car eligible to be listed? Maybe the word 'criteria' confused the jobsworth on the other end of my broadband because all I got was a bland repsonse saying that the car has to comply with manufacturers original specification. ?? I suspect this non-response came from trying to expain the inexplicable.

So, does anyone else out there know what makes a car eligible to be listed? I mean, I can understand this government quango wanting to encourage alternative fuel vehicles to cut down on emissions, but when the result is a large car that pollutes more than many on the market, one has to question its worth.

HJ, do you know?
Powershift List Eligibilty - boxsterboy
I've been away for the last week, and was kind of hoping there might have been some comment on this thread ...
Powershift List Eligibilty - Westpig
I understand, more than 8 seater will do......long wheel base Land Rover? Someone mentioned this before.

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