MOT / Airbag quesiton - Rich L
I'm sure someone here will know this :

I've got a 94 M Cavalier fitted with an Airbag. Is the airbag an MOT requirement for a car of that age, as I think the airbag was more or less an optional extra that came on higher trim level cars.

As part of numerous electrical problems I get the airbag light staying on all the time. Unfortunately when the car was off road being repaired the MOT ran out. I'd rather get an MOT and repair the airbag system at my convenience rather than having it trucked to the main dealers and then to an MOT station.
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Greebo
I think (Im sure some clued-up boys will say if this is wrong!)

There is no Mot requirement for an airbag as such - only that if one is fitted, it must be functioning correctly - its not like a catalyst where they became mandatory after a set date. You dont have to have one by law - but if you do it must work ok!

Anyway, if I were you Id be inclined to get the thing fixed... very useful thing to have!
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Alwyn
Has the same problem with an Audi 200 Turbo.

The ABS light was on ( fault condition) and the MOT chappy said, if ABS is fitted, it must be working, even though it is not a requirement to have it. Odd?
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Neil
We had a Fiat Bravo HLX (1998). It's airbag warning light came on a month after the extended warranty expired. The car was taken into a main dealer (two dealers, to be precise) and I was told that the problem could be:

1. Wiring loom
2. Clockspring (connection between wheel and column)
3. Bag
4. Electronic control unit

There was no way, I was told, of establishing which was the faulty part other than fitting each of the parts in turn and seeing if that cured the problem. It could have cost 60 to 400 (+labour, +VAT).

The operation of the airbag was not, in 2001, assessed in the MOT.
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Dave N
If you get the dealer to do the MOT as well, you can drive it there legally. Don't know if it's an MOT failure to have the light on, but I would guess it is.
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Robert

Driver airbags were fitted as standard on ALL Cavaliers from early '93 and were NEVER an option.

Hope this helps .....

Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - crazed
Also they all need a "airbag service" at 10 years old whatever that means, does this mean there will be a lot of 10 year old air bag equipped cars facing a big bill at 10 years old ?
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Rich L
I hadnt checked too hard on that point, but I saw an illustration in the drivers handbook of a non-airbag steering wheel and assumed it was an option.
More likely the handbook was produced pre-93 tho.
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Robert
Good point,

The airbag was introduced part way through the model year - i.e. march/april rather than at the start of the model year which is immediately after the factory break in august.

Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Roger K.
I don't think air bags are tested in the MOT.

Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Rich L
Doesnt look like they are does it?
Methinks I'll unplug the bulb just in case, and if he asks tell him its booked in for repair (which it will be).

Cheers Roger, good site.
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - mybrainhurts
Yes............. keeps main dealers in work, though.
Re: MOT / Airbag quesiton - Tomo me boy
No, they dont actually TEST the airbag - but they DO have to ensure its not showing a fault through the warning lamp (likewise ABS)...

As for the 10 year thing - airbags need replacing after 10 years to ensure they will 'maintain operational stability and performance in the event of them being activated' - in other words dont moan if an older airbag doesnt save your face!

Nice! Old cars needing new cat's and airbags = even more cars dumped on roadside!

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