Tightening auxiliary belt on XUD - David Horn
Hi all,

Had the belts changed on my car back in the summer; now the weather's turned cold the auxiliary belt is squealing like a stuck pig when driving in first gear or turning for the first 10 minutes after starting the car. Is it an easy enough job to tension the belt myself? How would I go about doing it? I'm guessing it's unreasonable to drop back into the garage that originally did the work and ask them to sort it out 'cos it's 6 months since it was done.


Tightening auxiliary belt on XUD - RichardW
It's a bit awkward, so might be better left to the garage. You need to get in behind the O/S front wheel - you might be able to manage just with it on full RH lock, but you'll probably need to jack it up and maybe take the wheel off (I can do it on the Xantia on full lock and high suspension). Remove the inner wing liner, which should then reveal the tensioner. There's a bolt right in the centre of the tensioner wheel, and another on the plate below it - both are 6mm allen screws - slacken these off a couple of turns each. To get the top one, you might need to unclip the bottom hose, and you might find a plastic clip in the centre of pulley that needs to be removed to reveal the bolt. Now wind out the tensioner (again 6mm allen screw) located at the bottom of the tensioner bracket. When you've got enough tension on, tighten the two pulley bolts again.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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