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Hi Backroom'sters

Can you help me with this.

I am considering a Mondeo Titanium and I want to haggle like hell with the dealer. I have been offered a free upgrade on the stereo to have bluetooth link to my mobile. This represents a £300.00 saving I am told.

I dont think that this is a "costed" upgrade. I think that the Sony stereo installed in the Mondeo already has bluetooth built in and its just a case of activating it via a security code.

I have this point of view as I sell fingerprint readers which have a storage capacity for 250 fingerprints. We offer some people a free upgrade to 2000 users and this is done in the same way. The function is already there, its just a case of activating it!!!

Now then, here is the big one!! If indeed this my feelingsa are correct on this, how do I activate it myself so that I can tell them to forget about that and get something else free!! Roof bars etc!!!

Let me know what you reckon guys!!!


Mondeo Titanium Sony stereo bluetooth - rtj70
Assuming you mean the Sony 6006 unit (like my Mondeo Ghia has) then I think you're mistaken about built-in bluetooth... where did you get this idea from?
Mondeo Titanium Sony stereo bluetooth - Collos25
I have bluetooth on my Mondeo but it was an extra for the original buyer ,it works like any off the shelve bluetooth kit that can be bought at a very reasonable price in fact I installed my own Sony Ericsson unit and then found it already had the factory unit .
Mondeo Titanium Sony stereo bluetooth - Wales Forester
According to the Ford website, the Titanium only has a single cd player.
I've got a Ghia with the Sony 6006 and it's got no Bluetooth capability according to the manual.
Mondeo Titanium Sony stereo bluetooth - Quinny100
Bluetooth & Voice Control requires an extra module in the Mondeo, and probably isn't worth paying for.

There are 2 types of Sony CD units - the single CD which is also MP3 compatible and allows you to put 8-10 albums on 1 disc, and the 6 CD changer which takes normal audio CD's only. The latter costs more and is standard on the Ghia X and ST models, personally I'd prefer MP3 over a changer as most of my music is held on the computer.

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