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This one pop-up needs something doing to it. In IE it pops up as full screen, with no top bar, so there's no way to close or minimise it without using task manager. Needless to say, this gets very annoying, very quickly.
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I do not know what I pressed but I have managed to stop all pop ups its in my configuration bar in AOL and I have that Gonzilla.as well
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The solution BB is to use Firefox and install Adblock. It makes for a much tidier view of HJ.
"Study Hard, Work fast" - RichardW
You can close it with CTRL-W.

Don't forget the ads pay for the site, all comments should be addressed to HJ / the mods, and DD or PG will be along in a minute and lock / remove this thread :-))


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
"Study Hard, Work fast" - BazzaBear {P}
Thanks for CTRL+W Richard, I didn't know about that one.
I appreciate the need for ads, and have no quarrel with them unless they do something stupid and annoying like this one.
And I can't install Firefox, or anything else for that matter, because it's a work computer.
"Study Hard, Work fast" - local yokel
Have a word with your IT tech support guys. They will now know that Firefox 2.0 is out, and is far better than IE7.
"Study Hard, Work fast" - BazzaBear {P}
Not a chance. It's the old story, big corporation, heads up backsides, can't possibly ever change any software.
Never mind IE, we've got about 50 business critical systems all of which, when you get down to it, aren't fit for purpose, but we soldier on.
The only thing worse than the off-the-shelf programs we use (which don't fit the methods our company uses) are the custom made programs specifically designed for our SOPs which generally just don't work at all, or are as user friendly as an elephant on musk.

There's no chance of them changing any of those either. Two years ago, they changed which department was responsible for a certain task. They still haven't released the piece of software necessary for them to do so.
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Do you want to come and work for me?
"Study Hard, Work fast" - BazzaBear {P}
Do you want to come and work for me?

Sounds intriuging. I'd have to hope that my new boss never found out I spend my working life on a motoring forum.
What are the wages like?
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Thread locked.

As has already been mentioned, please address this problem to HJ, and if there is genuinely a problem he will take it up with the advertiser.


::EDIT:: I have just made HJ aware of this, so no need to mention it to him yourself.

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