Citroen C3 - Everybody's Fool
Feel a bit like my name's sake for asking this but i've got a Citroen C3 2003 model, however I wanna do my weekly checks & it can't figure out how to open the bonnet!

Can any C3 owners help me out here?


Citroen C3 - redviper
Dont own one, so I cant tell you - however have you looked in the handbook?
Citroen C3 - jase1
First thing to check is whether the bonnet release catch is in the passenger footwell rather than the driver's. French cars are notorious for lack of attention to detail like this when converting their LHD cars to RHD.
Citroen C3 - Everybody's Fool
Had a closer look over the weekend & was able to find the little red lever on the passenger side,.


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