No more Short Walks. - Pugugly {P}
Tanks Eric Newby - who died yesterday - another travel great that has accompanied on my wanderings accross the world. Brilliant travelouges of a bygone age especially the one about the Hindu Kush and the drive there ! Some brilliant writing about my favourite holidaying area (Snowdonia) in that book as well. Cracking writer, didn't mess around with speed limits, Health and Safety and all that nancy stuff we have to deal with now even to go to the shops. Read, enjoy and remember.
No more Short Walks. - Vin {P}
Indeed. "A Short Walk in the Hindu Cush" is indeed a belter of an adventure. Especially the way it starts, with just a telegram invitation making him give up his job. And it's true, too.

No more Short Walks. - Altea Ego
Indeed hindu cush is a good read, however like Bill Bryson he seemed to get a bit tired with later efforts
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No more Short Walks. - Cliff Pope
I think it's Kush, not Cush. Cush makes it sound too easy.

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