steering gone stiff on vivaro - paul0202
i just nipped to the local shop which is just around the corner, went into the shop came out tried to drive off and the steering was very hard to turn?
do you think the pump has gone or any ideas what else could be the problem?
i drove the van back about 100 meters home and opened the bonnet,looks like there is steering fluid spitting out of the top of where you top up the fluid out of a small pin hole in the middle of the cap?

any advice would be great,before i set the thing alight and make my life stress free ;) please!
steering gone stiff on vivaro - paul0202
does anyone know if the power steering has either a fuse or relay inline? also where can i find where the relays are on a vivaro?

many thanks.
steering gone stiff on vivaro - piston power
that hole in the cap is a breather to let air out, but you say fluid is coming out maybe the seals in the steering rack are passing letting fluid back up, ie it's worn out!! obviously get a second opinion maybe there cheap enough to overhaull. good luck
steering gone stiff on vivaro - paul0202
thanks bigtee.
i just had a look under the van and there seems to be a minor leak of steering fluid from the pump.i also noticed a metal ring half hanging out on the pump i cant think of the proper name for the ring at the minute but it seems to hold something in place and that is where the leak is.
i may try and tap it back in with a hammer,or just leave it to the garage.
steering gone stiff on vivaro - piston power
circlip, thats probably wot's come adrift maybe you can be lucky and refit all ok and top up with oil?

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