is my clutch going?? Rover 214 - bbroomlea{P}
The clutch on my 214 is squeeling when I change gear, not all the time but for example changing from 4th to 3rd when going up a hill or 5th to 4th when going over speed bumps.

It is getting more noticable now and happening more often. The clutch isnt slipping just making the squeel.

Is the cluch on its way out and if so any ideas how long it will last? Got a 200 mile journey to do this afternoon, 90% motorway but will it be ok?
is my clutch going?? - Collos25
How long is a piece of string,whatever the noise is you will have to split the gearbox from the engine to find it if thats where its coming from. Are you sure its not the fan belt slipping?
is my clutch going?? - Cliff Pope
If the squeal really is coming from the clutch, the most likely culprit is the release bearing. This may just be the race running dry, and on some cars you can remove a plug or use a ventilation slot to squirt in a bit of lubricant. eg on a Volvo 240 you can pull back the rubber boot round the operating lever and see the release bearing. Otherwise it's a bit hit and miss. Don't overlubricate.
Or just try one squirt of WD40. If it makes any difference you know the idea is worth pursuing.
is my clutch going?? - bbroomlea{P}
cheers for the advice so far. I will have a look at it when I get where I am going, hopefully it will be ok. It hasnt done it this morning when I used it, however it really only does it under a lot of strain.

The biting point is really close to the top and its the original clutch on 120,000 miles, good for quick gear changes but think I may have to get the clutch done, although will try what you have suggested with WD40 first.
is my clutch going?? Rover 214 - ib33
My Rover 214si L reg, had a heavy clutch and sometimes made a squeel when changing gear usually highish revs at junctions up hills etc. I thought it was the clutch release bearing as my clutch didn't slip. Does yours squeel even when you change on the flat with light load? I had three years like this regularly doing 100 mile journies but I was in a breakdown recovery.
If you ride your clutch, at junctions, traffic lights this could speed up your problem.
Hope this helps, regards, Ian
is my clutch going?? Rover 214 - bbroomlea{P}
Cheers for the response, it only does it when under load and not normal driving. I have done over 500 miles this week now and it seems to have gone away - although it is biting very high up the pedal. The car has now been semi-retired and will only be doing a couple of thousand miles a year now so hopefully it will last until it eventually fails an MOT.
is my clutch going?? Rover 214 - scotmech
This sounds like the flywheel is glazed ... common with school of motoring cars ... Is it only when taking up the drive between gears ... If you can hold the clutch pedal steady when taking up the drive and prolong the noise that is what it probably is ... Flywheel will need surfaced when replacing clutch ... It is OK to drive, apart from the noise, till clutch goes ...

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