Running red lights - David Horn
Astonished to read in Honest John's DT page the letter from the man concerned about red lights in Leeds. He reported that he regularly ran the red lights at night; find it hard to believe that this letter was published. Hope the police look into the case.
Running red lights - Lud
Probably runs them with due caution DH. There are lights that are only needed when the traffic is very heavy and that are just a nuisance the rest of the time. I imagine those are the sort referred to.
Running red lights - PhilW
I can't find anything in HJ's section about this. All I can find is a brief "Letter to the Editor" from someone in Leeds about it - see
Don't think there is any connection to HJ - or have I missed something elsewhere?
Running red lights - Vin {P}
I think the confusion is that the letters sectioon is on a sidebar on the same page as the HJ section.

Running red lights - Hamsafar
I haven't been to Leeds since the riots, but if it's anything like Nottingham, then good for him I say. When the council install and phase them with the published intent of "punishing the motorist" then they are no longer traffic lights, but a tool of oppression. This is the same council who plans to demolish a 15 year old brick built multistory car park, because the sight of it is offensive to tram users.
Running red lights - Pugugly {P}
Really annoying on short length TTL's though one of my pet hates.

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