Porsche Boxster - Central Locking - steve arrow
This morning central locking worked fine.
Drove to football locked it no problem. Came back to car it wouldn't work. So i thought battery had gone in key, changed battery still wouldn't work. But doing it manually the alarm goes off, but it doesn't sound just lights flash and a small noise inside the car.
Anyone any ideas what could be wrong???
Porsche Boxster - Central Locking - adverse camber
central locking motor failed in the door ? Regular problem on older Porsches.
Easy to check - take the door card off and look at it.
you might see a broken link or that the actuator has seized/failed.
Porsche Boxster - Central Locking - tr7v8
Their is a way of avoiding this ask over on www.porsche-1.net and some will come up with it. Nowt to do with central locking motor, it's an alarm problem as I remember.
Porsche Boxster - Central Locking - steve arrow
I was having a look and i thought it might be something to do with the alam.

But i'll try porsche-1.net cheers

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