Rear Demister Honda Civic Saloon 98 - djawal
I bought this 98 civic saloon from a dealer 80 miles from my place a couple of days back. I have found that the rear demister does not work.

When I press the demister button on the dash, I can hear something click but the button does not illuminatte or do anything. I have checked the fuse (30A) under the bonnet to be ok.

Any suggestions?
Rear Demister Honda Civic Saloon 98 - GregSwain
It's probably just a dodgy switch (the bulb in the switch might've gone, but it's a coincidence if not), could possibly be a dodgy relay (that's the bit that clicks when you press the button). Make sure there are two wires attached to the bottom of the screen as well - one of the connectors might've worked loose.

The dealer might agree to pay for someone near you to have a look, but I very much doubt it. Bearing in mind the dealer's 80 miles away, I'd be inclined to sort it out yourself.

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