Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - Morris
This morning I stupidly reversed my Ford Sierra into a low lying set of brick steps and have damaged the rear left corner of my bumper (not sure if that part is actually the bumper) - but anyway it's no longer fully connected round the corner but still feels secure. The rear facing part (the main bumper) seems undamaged. The thing is my MOT and Tax is due and I'm concerned this will fail the MOT and I understand it will be quite difficult for me to find a replacement bumper for this car.

Does anyone know if it will fail and/or if there's anything I can do to repair it, even just superficially with tape? Other than that the car is in great condition considering it's '92 sierra so I wouldn't want to scrap it. Is it something that might vary depending on the MOT test centre?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help advise me.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - Dynamic Dave

Body condition
This part of the examination applies to all vehicles.

Method of Inspection
4. Examine the body work for excessive corrosion or damage resulting in sharp edges which are likely to cause injury,

Reason for rejection
4. A sharp edge or projection, caused by corrosion or damage, which renders the vehicle dangerous to other road users, including pedestrians.

As the bumper is part of the bodywork, the question is; is the bumper securely fixed, and have no sharp edges that could cause injury? If yes, then my view is that it *should* pass an MOT.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - bell boy
DD is right ,no sharp edges and it is secured then it cant be failed,dont forget to check the no. plate lights the shock might have blown them.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - jc2
Plenty of wide cloth-reinforced sticky tape over the cracks and well to each side.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - Robin the Technician
Look up Dentmaster for your nearest repair. A lot of these mobile specialists do bumper repairs using plastic welders (and they do work very well) at a reasonable price. It will be cheaper to repair than replace.

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - Morris
Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure it's only the trim beneath the bumper and there are a few sharp edges so I think I'll give taping it up a go.

Appreciate your help.

Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - aahbarnes
Or you could put fibreglass matting over (or under) it for a more permanent repair.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - henry k
Does anyone know if it will fail and/or if there's anything I can do to repair it, even just superficially with tape?

I had a Sierra and a replacement bumper from a scrap yard was very cheap.
IIRC it was attached by two TORX bolts in the boot and two large plastic turn clips to hold the corners.

Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - sierraman
If you are near Leeds I have a bumper you can have,as long as your car is not an estate.Plain black one with a red trim strip.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - henry k
Plain black one with a red trim strip.

I had a "spare" with a red stripe. I found out to replace that little bit of stripe, a few years ago, was about £20.
There is a another variation, some have one and others two number plate lamp units.
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - sierraman
Yes,the later ones only had one reg.plate light but are the same regarding fitting.Estate ones have a chamfer,without which the tailgate cannot be opened,guess how I found that out.....
Damaged bumper - Ford Sierra - MCH
I had similar damage a few years ago on my Orion after my daughter glided into the car in front. Two long cracks and a hole approx. 2 inches by 1.

Covered it with liberal quantities of black insulating tape and it passed another three MOTs no problem.

Good luck.

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