octavia sdi 99 ropey - welderjames
Just bought a 99 Octavia sdi.A bit ropey,ex taxi I think,but came at handy money.Two things have come up.First thing, it pops out of 5th and3rd,at about 4000 revs. Have looked at the linkages and they seem a bit sloppy but not too bad, I know golfs suffer from weak linkages as they get on a bit but havent heard of Octavias having a problem.This car is showing 126k on the clock but inside it looks more like 226k confirming the taxi theory,the scrapes on the roof from the aerial are a bit of a give away not helped by the sticky circles inside where the no smoking stickers were.Secondly I can only find the chassis number on the bulk head,no stickers,no vin plate,no etched glass,usually vw group have stickers in the boot with chassis no. and colour etc on it,cant find it?Do these yokes have it stamped or stuck anywhere else?many thanks James.
octavia sdi 99 ropey - Kingpin
Your gearbox may be worn internally causing gears to disengage, may be more complex than just a linkage problem. I have heard of cars doing this where you have to hold the gear lever to keep it in gear.
There may be a plate under the boot carpet near the spare wheel with chassis number. Some cars have a visible plastic plate on the dashboard that you can read through the windscreen.
octavia sdi 99 ropey - M.M
Don't know this car well but in general the transmission should not rely on the linkage to stay in the gears so a sloppy linkage may give a poor quality change but should not cause this. However a seized or stiff linkage can do this... particularly if it happens as you lift on/off the throttle.

Reason is that the linkage must be free to take up the engine movement as it rocks on its mounts... going on/off power creates the largest movement. If the linkage is seized and can't move something else has to and the box may pop out of gear.

I have known a vehicle be sold reduced by £1000 with this issue and all it takes to resolve is WD40 and working the joint!

Otherwise sorry it may well be a problem in the box.

octavia sdi 99 ropey - mss1tw
4000 revs.

octavia sdi 99 ropey - Xileno {P}
Because there's no turbo. You have to rev these things to get any progress above walking pace.
octavia sdi 99 ropey - LeighB
If you don't get a full enough answer here, try the Briskoda forum, specific model support for Octavia. I am sure someone there will be able to advise.
Link www.briskoda.net/forums/octavia/

Hope posting this link here is OK?
octavia sdi 99 ropey - welderjames
Thanks all,,,,,,I am thinking it may be the gearbox,4000 revs usually comes up when giving it a bit to overtake etc.looked all over the car again the only ID I can find is the stamped one on the body,no stickers anywhere or no paint codes etc....would I need to get a skoda box or would a golf or seat fit too?
octavia sdi 99 ropey - jc2
Should be a VIN plate somewhere unless it's had a major re-build after a bad smash!!
octavia sdi 99 ropey - welderjames
Definitely no vin,stickers,no nothing,,,,,,I as you probably guessed am a welder,and I am pretty sure the stamped no. is genuine,I cant see any evidence of welding,unless the whole front was replaced,but it looks as if it has never been touched,,,,,,,must have another look.,,,,,,,,,,,,,still have a dodgy gearbox though..

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