New Mini - No FM2R

Dunno if this has already been mentioned and I don't have time to check.

(Sorry, no FM2R, No answer from you about the length of the link, so at 14.21 on 12-10-06 I cut it back to all that was needed.)
New Mini - Honestjohn
Driving it 30th/31st October. Test will follow. There is some speculation that existing MINI owners trading up to the new car will put enough used current model MINIs into the used market for its previous high residual values to fall.

Just as a matter of interest (genuine question), why such a long link, No FM2R?

works fine and does not mess up the format.

New Mini - Lud
I still won't want one though.
New Mini - Dynamic Dave
Just as a matter of interest (genuine question), why such a long link, No FM2R?

If he didn't have time to check to see if it's already been mentioned, then maybe he didn't have time to provide a shorter link either ;o)
New Mini - Avant
"BMW recommends that owners use premium unleaded gasoline, which shot above $4 a gallon in parts of the country this summer."

The handbook in SWMBO's Mini One says it was designed for ordinary unleaded (95 RON). I daresay that the Cooper S needs super-unleaded, but maybe Americans are being fooled (not difficult) into believing that all Minis need 98 RON.

Although the engines are new, people will see the 'New Mini' as a facelift and not a completely new model, as it looks so similar. But I think it'll still sell well, as the Ford Ka still does after 10 years, as both are a hoot to drive.
New Mini - type's'
This months Car magazine has a very interesting article on the mini manufacturing process at Plant Oxford as BMW like to call it.
I think it is a huge success story and excellent news for UK jobs - yet another UK factory deliverng good products that people want.
New Mini - Dalglish
... owners use premium unleaded gasoline ..

in reply to avant:

you may find that "premium" does not equate to "super".

i believe the us "premium" is equivalent to uk's "premium" 95 ron petrol.

afaik, the uk does not sell "ordinary" or "regular" petrol.

New Mini - nortones2
And in the States they don't use Ron much. So their 91 octane (Pon - average between Mon and Ron) equates to 95 Ron.
New Mini - massey
New Mini - Robin Reliant
It still looks like a Tonka Toy.
New Mini - Pete M
Ah, but so does the Chrysler 300C...Just a bigger one.

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