Clio tyre wear and noises - Christopher
Afternoon All, how goes?
As per previous notes, I have not changed my old clio and have decided to to run it into the ground and buy a car for the other half, she will not see it very often as it will be small and fast. Anyway...

I am having a few probs with the nearside front wheel/tyre. I have excess wear on the outside of the near side front and a creaking noise when I am on a right hand bend. A good example is when I am in a multi story car park and go down, it's a right angled turn to the right. The creaking is getting progressively worse as is the tyre wear.
I am on Goodyear Eagles GSD2 and had a similar problem with the near side rear, same wear etc. In this instance, shocks were replaced and no probs since. Anyone had similar probs and anyone know what the prob/cure is with this creak. Girlfriend says she can feel a vibration under her feet in the passengers side

Any views

Cheers all.
Clio tyre wear and noises - piston power
im suspecting anti-roll bar bushes worn for the creaking/ wheel alignment out to the tyre wear however you need it checking no point adjusting wheel alignment if anti roll bar bushes are worn!! have you had a look?? any play on suspension mounts etc?? good luck.
Clio tyre wear and noises - Peter D
And have the wheel bearing checked. Regards Peter
Clio tyre wear and noises - yorkiebar
Check suspension strut top mounts too!
Clio tyre wear and noises - Christopher
MAny thanks for your views, it's booked in for Saturday morn at my normal garage. Will mention all views and get it checked. Many thanks folks, your views are as always invaluable.

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