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My part and i both have diesel cars. h'es got a Mercedes E220 2 litre automatioc; and I've got a renault kangoo van 1700 cc

Having seen seen a program recently on tv we could both be saving a fortune using biodiesel and the program DID say that we wouldn't need any conversion kits. My concern is how do we know if our vehicles are compatible for biodiesel and is there any need for different fuel filters. Can somebody please help us?

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I suggest that you do a forum search for "Bio diesel" got to the box on the right of this screen, it has been discussed a bit. My recollection is that VAG have said that some of their cars are not compatible with biodiesel, some issue with pump compnents. I realise that this does not apply to either of your cars. However, bearing in mind the possible expensive consequences, I'd probably go to a the relevant main dealer, ask the question and get the answer in writing!
Biodiesel - ssray is a good place to start,look at biodiesel and then go to connections as there is a uk bit of this site.
when you first use bio you will possibly find that your fuel filter gets a bit clogged rather quickly,as bio seems to clean out your tank and lines of all the rubbish in it.
good luck Ray

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