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Hi there

Has anyone any real life, first hand experience of the mpg that the petrol 3.2V6 Signum manages? Official urban of 18mpg is a bit sobering.
I have seen one for sale at a very reasonable price and if mpg was in the mid 20s then whole life costs wouldn't be much different to the Passat tdi we have run for the last number of years. Thanks in advance
Vauxhall Signum V6 Petrol - barchettaman
Smokie has the equiv Vectra, he´ll be along shortly IWI.
Vauxhall Signum V6 Petrol - midlifecrisis
Driven hard under 20mpg. Driven normally mid 20s around town. It's a great motor, but not for someone doing high mileages.

A good site for questions is vectra-c dot com. Lots of info on there.
Vauxhall Signum V6 Petrol - smokie
The Vectra (3.2 Elite) is in for an accident repair :-(

I am getting better mpg than from the old 3.0 MV6 Omega - I've driven about 2500 miles and averaged 25.9 mpg - and I've been "enjoying" the car somewhat. It's probably lighter than the Signum and I am sure I could drive it more economically.

The accident happened at about 2:00 am on Friday. I had collected daughter from the Hexagon (Reading) after a show to drop off at Uni (Birmingham). I was kind of trying for a record door to door time (which I achieved), but traffic in Reading & road closure at Wycombe/M40 junction left the door open for another attempt sometime! :-)

So...I was travelling at...err...70 plus a bit down the A34, just overtaking a lorry and suddenly there was this enormous goat size creature standing across my lane looking at me. Unfortunately I am sure I was the last thing he saw. I didn't have enough time to even go for the brakes. Judging by the damage (mid to front offside) he must have crouched (presumably to run) as I hit him. The front bumper was a complete mess, (found some embedded bone the next day), and quite a mess of pipes and wires hanging down behind it. Power steering went instantly so I guess it leaked. Rad was bent but not broken. Couldn't see any damage to metal bodywork but I'm sure there must have been. Airbag didn't deploy. Everyone says it was a muntjack (sp?) deer.

Car is now safely with a repairer (I have to commend Direct Line insurance service for being very easy to deal with) and am awaiting an eta for return.

Vauxhall Signum V6 Petrol - Dynamic Dave
Judging by the damage (mid to front offside)
Power steering went instantly so I guess it leaked.

Smokie - ouch. It was probably more than likely to be a muntjac. Plenty of them about at the moment - less one.

The PS reservoir sits directly behind the offside part of the front bumper, behind the front foglight. I hope the damage is more cosmetic than structural?
Vauxhall Signum V6 Petrol - desmrics
Hi, thanks for the replies in particular the direction to the Vauxhall forum site.

Can anyone see a flaw in running an 03 3.2v6 Signum Elite with 25,000 miles costing 6.9k for 50,000miles - even assuming it depreciates to nothing and allowing for a few repairs and servicing I reckon cost per mile should be 34-35p(exc. insurance).

This is equivalent to what my tdi passat has cost over the last 45,000 miles and the Signum must be nicer to drive.
Vauxhall Signum V6 Petrol - barchettaman
Des, testdrive it, if you like it, buy it. It´s your money.
If it´s fuel economy you´re after get an Audi A2.
Good luck.

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