Car parking near Amsterdam? - former farmer
I was contemplating travelling to Amsterdam in a few weeks time for a short visit. Logically a cheap flight to Skipol would be the easiest option but for a number of reasons is a non-starter.

From what I have read in random tourist guides, I see that parking
and cars in general are a no no for Amsterdam.

I had wondered if parking a the airport might be possible and use public transport to travel to the city, though if its like any UK airport the parking charge could well be hefty.

Do any travellers to Amsterdam know of possiblities of parking in near by towns, and again using public transport to complete the journey?
Car parking near Amsterdam? - Armitage Shanks {p}
In/near London some people drive to out of town underground or train stations and then go in on the train, obviously. Re Amsterdam why drive to the airport? You could drive to any station and park there, I should think, and it would be way less hassle and probably cheaper than Schipol.
Car parking near Amsterdam? - ajit
There is a place 20-30 miles outside Amsterdam called Veepes...or something like that with free parking at the station and good connections into AMS
Car parking near Amsterdam? - cheddar
I parked in Amsterdam a couple of times around 1990/91, I remember it was easy to find a space along side one of the canals, only a short walk to the centre, things might have changed now. This was shortly after the shooting of some soldiers driving a British registered car in the Netherlands and the advice was to check around under your car for suspicious packages when coming back to it so a bit worrying.
Car parking near Amsterdam? - Altea Ego
I have driven to Amsterdam a couple of times. There is good secure parking in an underground car park just in front of the central station.

It is however expensive, street parking is insecure (your car *will* get broken into) Driving in amsterdam is not that bad for anyone used to london, just be aware there are some strange "give way to trams" junctions
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Car parking near Amsterdam? - Honestjohn
I can confirm TVM's post because a few years ago my car did get broken into in Amsterdam and the stereo nicked. It was parked right outside the office where I was working and reception was so used to alarms going off they paid no attention to mine. Cheap flight to Schiphol and a taxi or train to central Amsterdam is the way to go.

Car parking near Amsterdam? - dieselicious
Just watch out for the red light cameras.

Car parking near Amsterdam? - ajit
There is a place 20-30 miles outside Amsterdam called Veepes...or something
like that with free parking at the station and good connections
into AMS

Place is called Veespe
Car parking near Amsterdam? - greenhey
Just north of Amsterdam is a town called Zaandam, with a car park at the station and very frequent service to Centraal . Worth a go
Car parking near Amsterdam? - blue_haddock
I got back from amsterdam yesterday - on street parking is approx 3 euro per hour and it difficult to come by. Also have observed the driving and giving way to bicycles/trams i would not fancy driving through the middle of amsterdam.
Car parking near Amsterdam? - bignick
Dutch rail links are pretty good so you could probably park for free in almost any town some 30/40km from A'dam and take the train.

For a real laugh I'd recommend the cycle hire shop nr the Centraal station.
It was a few years back and the bike had a quaint dutch braking system that involved back-pedalling to apply the rear brake!
Took me an hour to decide it was far safer to push it that try to ride it!
Car parking near Amsterdam? - bignick
If you have a day free I would highly recommend taking the time to drive the circular route up along the side of the Ijssel Meer across the Afsluitdijk to Friesland and then back across the polders. You get to see traditional fishing villages and the spectacular engineering of the reclaimed land.

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