squeaking wheels pug 306 - bigkaz
hi i have a 306 1.9 td on at plate (about 99/00) and while away on holiday i lent it to my sister and upon coming back she tells me the wheels make a squeeking sound this is heard most when a lot of weight is being carried or when going over speed humps, it seems to be a high pitched squeek coming from the wheels but occasionally there is a deeper squeek as well, any help would be appreciated. the car has done about 105k. thank you for any suggestions
squeaking wheels pug 306 - Peter D
I would get the wheel bearings checked out. Regards Peter
squeaking wheels pug 306 - RichardW
Might be one of the rear radius bearings has collapsed, and the tyre is rubbing on the inner wing. Check by looking from the back of the car that one (or both!) of the wheels is not leaning in at the top, and have a look under the rear arches to see if the tyres have rubbed a section of the inner wing clean. If it's that far gone it will need a replacement subframe. Or just replacement!

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