Car change (mondeo - BMW) - khizman
I currently have a Mondeo Ghia x 54 plate, I am thinking of selling this (anyone know how much its worth roughly?) its done 25k

A local garage has a BMW 530D Sport Auto with 85k on the clock, with a satnav/TV/Phone combo type thing for 12.5k, it looks in excellent condition and has a full BMW history, 1 owner etc etc.

is the BMW a good deal, I cant really find much on autotrader with a similar price. How much do you think the mondeo is worth? ( I dont have a cap/glass guide handy :( )

Car change (mondeo - BMW) - Pugugly {P}
Car change (mondeo - BMW) - DavidHM
Age of the BMW?

Engine in the Mondeo? How would you be disposing of it - private sale or p/x?
Car change (mondeo - BMW) - khizman
BMW is on an 03 plate

Mondeo - either part ex or sell privately. Do you have a valuation book?
Car change (mondeo - BMW) - Adam {P}
What engine is in it?
Car change (mondeo - BMW) - khizman
TDCI 2.0 130
Car change (mondeo - BMW) - Altea Ego
Ford Mondeo Ghia X
2.0TD Diesel 5-door Hatchback
6 Speed Manual Front Wheel Drive
Year: 2004 54
Mileage: 25,000

Part-exchange Price:
Excellent condition:

Average condition:

Below average condition:

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Car change (mondeo - BMW) - Pugugly {P}
I wouldn't worry about the Beemer's mileage.

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