10 kids in car - BobbyG

Is this an example of the court being damned no matter what decision it took?
If she had been totally let off, then it could become an excuse for other people to use. Because she was still fined and received points on her licence, was it a bit unfair considering the circumstances?

The one fact missing from the article is how far she had travelled?
10 kids in car - Westpig
600 yards i read.........problem is you can't differentiate between maybe her telling the complete truth, which she might have been...or telling a complete yarn to get let off

magistrates court standard of proof should be 'beyond reasonable doubt' as opposed to civil court 'balance of probabilities'...... but......... although maigistrates do get slated, don't forget after a while they will have heard all the excuses mankind can dream up and not that many of them true

if she was that worried, she should have dialled 999 and not crammed 10 people in one car, inc 3 in the boot
10 kids in car - Martin Devon
When my very civilised Daughter and her friends used to go to under 18's or even under 15's discos we made sure we were there to pick her and/or her friends up on time. Now we are based in north devon, not the big metropolis, but still the Pratts exist to rugger up everyone's life. I would have gladly whacked them, but as swmbo said she ain't going to visit me so I never did, but when the under aged pratts kicked off I would have gladly put kids in car boots to avoid the impending mess. Never plod when they're needed although it was a same time weekly occurence. Anyway, nice to see the money's well spent!

10 kids in car - Westpig
10 people in one small car will seriously affect the handling.......... how would anyone feel if their loved one was in such a car that failed to get round a bend and killed a few

the 3 in the boot would be in a bit of a state to start with

wouldn't imagine the braking distances would be brilliant, no one would be wearaing a seat belt etc,etc
10 kids in car - BobbyG
westpig, she DID dial 999 but the telephonist could not understand where she was. Which may back up the rest of the story in that she may have been in such a panic she was not being very clear and concise on the phone!

10 kids in car - Westpig
fair enough......... if she did that prior to being stopped then it sounds like she's been a bit hard done by then doesn't it.......... i missed that bit.

better way of dealing with it, would have been a warning and get her to disgorge some passengers.... dare say the officer that stopped her didn't believe her and was too busy to get on to the control room to check the story out
10 kids in car - Martin Devon
You walk 600yds in the metropolis, especially with girls with dead heads kicking off........... So right about handling prob's etc., but lesser of two evils I fancy. Make a decision and do it, rightly or wrongly.

10 kids in car - bignick
The question that immediately sprang to my mind was,
"If there wasa 'riot' going on at the nightclub why were the police not rushing to deal with it?

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