Vectra C - 2nd service - wonderwheels
My 2.2 SRI Direct Vectra has covered 32K was serviced last year (10/05) at around 20K.Does this mean that THIS service will be my 40K service? If so,what should I expect to be included in the service? Things I have considered are ;

- Oil and Filter
- Air Filter
- Pollen Filter
- Keyfob Batteries
- The "usual" easy stuff washer fluid,wipers etc

Should the fuel filter be changed? Dealer says "no" but service book refers to an "external" fuel filter on the Petrol engines?
Brake Fluid change?

Thanks in advance
Vectra C - 2nd service - wonderwheels
Vectra C - 2nd service - Dynamic Dave
In your service book, there is mention of what is done (or supposedly done) at each service interval. If you haven't got yours to hand, I'll dig mine out and post the lists.

I can't recall however my Vaux dealer ever changing the keyfob batteries though. With the Vec-C if you've got Check Control (the system that tells you that you've got low washer fluid, a bulb out, etc) it will tell also you if the battery for the keyfob is getting low anyway. The battery is a CR2032, and you'll no doubt purchase it cheaper elsewhere (##) and fit it yourself for a fraction of the cost that your dealer will charge.

( ## ) eg, : £1.25 + 0.99p for p&p.

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