Driving with glasses thread? - Waino
As a driver who wears glasses, I was following the thread about variable focus lenses with interest. Why has it disappeared - or is my eyesight so poor that I can't find it? ; - )

Is the problem the use of tradenames?
Driving with glasses thread? - Manatee
Driving with glasses thread? - Armitage Shanks {p}
It has all been 'hidden'. The content did degenerate into stupid levels of verbal abuse and one or two posts were deleted but now the whole thing has gone. Pity, there was some good stuff there among the carp!
Driving with glasses thread? - L'escargot
I tried them but found I didn't like them. Looking at a distance there was a central circle in focus with the remainder fuzzy. And I had to turn my head a significant amount to see in the side mirrors.

When reading a sheet of A4 the in-focus area was only about half of the width of the page so I had to keep turning my head from side to side. I originally tried them because I thought they would be good for computer work but it was very difficult to get exactly the right amount of tilt of the head up and down to focus at the required distance. I think most people have them out of vanity ~ they associate bi-focal lenses with a sign of old age.
Driving with glasses thread? - L'escargot
originally tried them because I thought they would be good for
computer work but it was very difficult to get exactly the
right amount of tilt of the head up and down to
focus at the required distance.

My solution to this was (and is) to have a pair of single focus solely for computer work.
Driving with glasses thread? - Honestjohn
The varifocals thread hasn't been removed. It has been hidden for reasons I cannot disclose. It maybe reinstated later if the potential problem goes away. Anything posted here would then be grafted on to the original thread.

Driving with glasses thread? - Mad Maxy
I wear varifocals. Have no problems at all with driving - distance, instruments, mirrors, etc. Some folk might need to adjust to the vari lenses when driving, maybe. And maybe the relative 'strengths' of the near and distance lenses makes a difference.

I would advise 'Try them'.
Driving with glasses thread? - bathtub tom
I went from bi-focals to varifocals for a couple of months, and found I was only using two 'sweetspots'. One for distance, the other for close up. my neck got lots of exercise. Using door mirrors was a hazard.
A chat with my optician produced bi-focals with the distance lense extending to the bottom of the frame for about 10mm in from the outside edge (does that make sense?) that completely overcomes the door mirror problem.
I still trip over kerbs!
Driving with glasses thread? - smokie
Ive just hidden a few posts here. There is nothing to add to HJs comment above regarding the original thread so please desist from comment and speculation, and keep to topic.

smokie, BR Moderator
Driving with glasses thread? - cheddar
OK, as per my post on the original thread I have been to the opticians today so I asked the question about varifocals and driving, despite quizical probing from me (because HJ's original point made some sense to me), he - the opthalmist - said that it is quite safe to drive in varifocals of the correct prescription, he indicated that it is necessary to be looking through the correct part of the lens though said that would not be a problem if the glasses were correctly fitted, he also inferred that someone who can benefit from varifocals are likely to be safer driving with varifocals that with standard lenses.

No axe to grind for me with this, as I said in the first thread my eys are pretty good, very slightly short sighted so I wear specs for driving to avoid tired eyes.

FWIW I made a rather a Freudian slip while there that tickled the opthalmist, for some unknown reason whilst in conversation I said "Off Licence" rather than "Optician" .......... doh!
Driving with glasses thread? - Mike H
I've been wearing them for 4 years with no problems - in fact, I was driving within 30 minutes of putting them on for the first time. I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses with my distance vision prescription. The only real difference is that I can't always read some of the smaller digital displays (e.g. odometer) with the distance prescription.
Driving with glasses thread? - cockle {P}
Add my thoughts for what they're worth.
I've done the same as Mike H and had exactly the same result, one of the reasons I had to go to vari-focals when driving was that I couldn't focus quickly enough and clearly on the instuments, in my opinion I was more of a hazard with single vision because my eyes were away from the road for longer than they are now purely to give them time to focus. I have no problems with peripheral vision, at least certainly no more than I did beforehand.

However, there's always a however, I can see HJ's original point about closing speed judgement and motor sport, if I was driving at those sorts of speed that close I might well have problems as demonstrated by my experience playing cricket. When I first moved to vari-focals I tried batting in them, big mistake, I got my son to bowl at me in the nets, he's a big strapping fast bowler. At any speed above about 55mph the ball started to become a blur, at 65+mph it became a red streak, not a comfortable experience on a short pitched delivery I can assure you. Promptly went back to optician and got a pair of single vision distance glasses just for cricket and can now see the ball pretty well at 65+mph, still can't hit it but that's a different issue!! So I can see HJ's point about closing speeds but I hope I'm never in the position on the road where something is closing on me at that speed from 20 yards and is as small as a cricket ball. Strange thing is that varifocals made no difference, to me, at least, when playing badminton.
Driving with glasses thread? - Mike H
I have to say I've never had any problem with judging speeds, it's all the same to me whether I'm using single vision or varifocals - and that includes some german autobahn driving where speeds are often higher.

I don't play cricket, but I've definitely had problems with badminton, just can't seem to judge the speed of the shuttle which means that I often totally fail to hit the thing!
Driving with glasses thread? - No FM2R
>>Is the problem the use of tradenames?

No, the problem was that "accidentally" one of my notes was changed leaving it to appear that I had written it, but where in fact it had been substantially altered and its content significantly altered.

I complained about this, with some force. Then the thread was hidden - I'm not entirely sure why my note wasn't simply removed with an explanation/confession/apology - I can only think that perhaps there were some idiotic, unfounded, ridiculous opinions voiced in there which became less embarassing whne hidden from public view - but which those would be, and who would feel embarassed about them, I have no idea..

Like buses, there'll no doubt be three or four apologies along for the forgery of a note appearing to be from me in a minute. Inexplicably though, I'm not holding my breath.
Driving with glasses thread? - Big Bad Dave
"It maybe reinstated later if the potential problem goes away."

Would that be you then Mark?
Driving with glasses thread? - No FM2R
>>Would that be you then Mark?

No it would be (name deleted), btu that would take rather too much in the way of self-awareness. If you mean - is he blaming me -, then yes.
Driving with glasses thread? - Honestjohn
The thread began with an attack by No FM2R on something in my Telegraph column.

I changed the subject of the thread from 'HJ Column - Saturday' (or something like that) to 'Varifocals' for the sake of accuracy because No FM2R was only referring to one e-mail about varifocals, not the entire HJ Column.

The word "rot" was deleted from one post by No FM2R.

His entire comment was removed from another post.

Backroomers can judge for themselves whether this editing to remove something I found offensive constitutes "forgery". Or that removing a comment entirely and removing the word "rot" from another post constitutes "substantially altered and its content significantly altered."


Driving with glasses thread? - AlanGowdy
I find my varifocals fine for driving - indeed with ordinary glasses I would be able to focus sharply on objects ahead in the road or on the instruments, but not both.
Driving with glasses thread? - No FM2R
>>Backroomers can judge for themselves

Lets have a stab at reality;

The notes -

In response to HJ's statement: [ heavily paraphrased because I can't remember exactly] "people with sight problems to deny are arrogant or hiding".

>My Response [quoting above]
>Which am I ?
>Arrogant, ill-educated, ridiculous rot.

Changed to;

>Which am I,
>Arrogant, ill-educated, ridiculous ?

I may be all of those things. HJ may wish to accuse me of being those. Amongst friends it might be funny [probably not]. However, within an itnernet forum we are what we write. And to have that mis-represented or forged by another is unjust, unfair, and unacceptable.

Tto alter one of my own notes to read completely differently as an alternative to either arguing with me or ignoring me is cowardly. You can try revisionist history as much as you want, Peter - you did it with Bogush, you've done it with others. As a moderator I covered for you doing it when you were accused of it. However, this time you *will* admit it or you *will* live with me dogging your heels until I get bored - which in reality will not take long. However, thereafter whenever you voice some dumb-ass opinion such as "you shouldn't drive with varifocals" I will remember how annoyed I was and it will start all over again.. And that could last a very long time and it will not matter how often you disable my account. It was a daft thing to do, but it was utterly idiotic to deny it and to rewrite history.

What did you expect ? Did you think that I would suddenly think "doh, I mis-remembered history" as I climbed out of my Texan shower ? Two people know the truth, however many suspect it - you and I. I cannot think that you believe your own mis-representation nor truly that you expect that I will. So why pretend ? Because you are worried about others opinion over and above what is true ? How shallow.

And marshal the troops against me as you might, I do not worry about the opinions of others half as much as you.

Do/say what's right, or at least what you believe to be so, and damn the consequences. I do. And when you're wrong, get over yourself. I try.
Driving with glasses thread? - Statistical outlier
Umm. Does any of that make sense if you know the background??
Driving with glasses thread? - No FM2R
Does any of that make sense if you know the background??

Frankly, not much. But it matters to me.
Driving with glasses thread? - Statistical outlier
That much is obvious, you appear to be in a similar mood to me this evening.
Driving with glasses thread? - No FM2R
So go to another thread and don't let this one worry you . Why bother commenting on something which doesn't interest or concern you ? Doh.

>>you appear to be in a similar mood to me this evening.

And probably will be on and off for a very long time.
Driving with glasses thread? - Statistical outlier
Fair point, it's purely drivin by curiosity and boredom.
Driving with glasses thread? - PhilW
"Does any of that make sense if you know the background??"
Makes sense to me, having read all of original thread. (and being interested as someone who is considering varifocals)
One may not agree with all Mark says, but his views are always well-argued and entertaining and usually very informative and I see (I hope) the point he is making.
Don't think I would like to be arguing the opposite point to him mind you!!
Principles do matter- and I think this is about principles (I hope - again!!)
Driving with glasses thread? - No FM2R
The thread began with an attack by No FM2R on something in my Telegraph column.

It wasn't an attack, I said your comment on varifocals was ill-informed, ill-educated, short-sighted ridiculous garbage. I paraphrase, but it was something to that effect.

I have no comment one way or the other on your column, although I wish do you'd generally stick to what you know, it was your opinion I was commenting on.
Driving with glasses thread? - Avant
Oh dear - I fear that this thread will go the way of the last - and it's an important topic which deserves sensible debate. HJ has a right to his opinion, which will have come from experience not prejudice.

My feeling is that there may be sub-standard varifocals on sale which can cause some of the problems described. Like others, I wear them and on mine the change from top to bottom is seamless and imperceptible.

I would expect that reputable opticians are able to advise on this, so if any of us have doubts we should go for a consultation.

(And if we disagree with a moderator, shouldn't we E-mail them directly and allow reasoned debate to continue?)
Driving with glasses thread? - ablandy
you mention this is an internet forum, can i just point out this is HJs forum. Probably not the best place to say that something he has written is ridiculous rot! By all means disagree with his opinion and discuss it, but dont insult the man and his work, you wouldnt like it.

Maybe the edit was inappropriate, but this is HIS forum. Surely by posting here you must expect editing where necessary or when deemed necessary by the mods or hjs. There are probably some T&Cs you agreed to when signing up to the forum to this effect.

I have found this to be an invaluable resource and would hate to see it harmed due to issues you have with the site owner. A forum my wife frequented was completely removed after a number of posters started moaning about the company behind the forum.

thats my view and i will not be posting to this thread further.

Driving with glasses thread? - Honestjohn
For now I'll leave no FM2R to it.

He seems to have taken personal offence to a comment describing Telegraph readers generally (including him, but not exclusively him), as if it was aimed at him and no one else.

That comment was, in its context, (lifted from the hidden thread):-

Varifocals - slowdown avenue
Sat 16 Sep 06 22:56

varifocals, good for straight ahead vision, poor for focusing quickly left and right, and reversing,. eye sight is crucial to good driving,young persons eyes more elastic, but experience gets the rest through,

Varifocals - Honestjohn
Sat 16 Sep 06 23:14

Thank you, Slowdown Avenue. That's what readers who don't have something to hide or a disability to defend keep telling me. And what everyone involved in any form of competititve motor sport always has.


Varifocals - No FM2R
Sat 16 Sep 06 23:24

>>That's what readers who don't have something to hide or a disability to defend

Which am I ??

Blinkered, dogmatic, uneducated, ill-informed comment.

(Originally "Blinkered, dogmatic, uneducated, ill-informed rot")

Now is No FM2R taking something unnecessarily personally and making a mountain out a molehill?

I leave it to you the Backroom to judge.


Driving with glasses thread? - PhilW
"you must expect editing where necessary "
There is editing and there is changing the sense of the message altogether.
I agree that this is a wonderful forum and all credit to HJ for that - it's the first (and often only) thing I log onto after a day's work.
"invaluable resource " - absolutely - but suspected mis-information must also be pointed out (as it often is) so that we can make our own decisions.
Driving with glasses thread? - machika
Having not read the original thread, was there a suggestion that varifocals impair a person's sight for driving? In that case, why would an optician recommend varifocals to anyone who drives?

I now wear varifocals and I didn't find the adjustment at all difficult. It took about a day to get used to them.
Driving with glasses thread? - cheddar
Hi Mark,

I agree with you on this one, that is as far as varifocals goes.

However I reckon it does no good to air dirty washing in public, I complained bitterly about the moderating once not so long ago, I involved HJ, got called pathetic and childish, I did it all by e-mail though still got it off my chest.


Driving with glasses thread? - Bromptonaut
Have worn glasses since 1971 and varifocals since May. Can now read, use the PC and see my colleague across the office without taking my specs on and off. No trouble driving or cycling. Agree that bifocals, or trifocals, with a sharp transition between the different elements of the lens would be bad for driving but I don't see properly made and well fitted varifocals are necessarily bad, though I guess your mileage may vary according to prescription etc.

Driving off with your reading glasses on is another question!!!
Driving with glasses thread? - slowdown avenue
I had great trouble , for the first few days when getting varifocals.just thinking about ,that they write on door mirrors, objects may be nearer than they seem, could be warning given to varifoals. just to add some coal to the fire.

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