M1 traffic (warning: nostalgia) - Zebra
Forty years ago I took part in a day-long traffic census of the M1 northbound between J21 and Leicester Forest East services. No vehicles were stopped. It was simply a matter of sitting in a little hut recording what went past. Vehicles were categorised (e.g. bike, car, van, truck). Trucks were further subdivided into rigid/artic and by the number of axles.

All this was an easy job for one person with a pencil and a clipboard. That's how much traffic there was.

M1 traffic (warning: nostalgia) - mk124
Yesterday it took me about an hour to travel from the east side of leicester to the M1/M69 junction due to traffic and the road improvements. That is how much traffic there is today. Being Born in 1980 I don't have much memory other than of traffic. Looking at graphs on car ownership and road miles traveled though it amazes me that we have built so few roads to compensate. It must have been another world in 1960!
M1 traffic (warning: nostalgia) - Pugugly {P}
Blame the census takers !

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