brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - adam f
I am replacing the front discs and pads on my hyundai coupe.

Some maybe aware that when replacing the discs you have to remove the hub - which could make the front wheel bearings collapse (so i have been told) meaning that a relitivly simple job could potentialy cost me quite a lot.

The local mobile mechanic came round to do the rears for me, then got onto the front and told me what i have just written above. he didnt want to carry out the job until he done some of his own research regarding the matter (he is a genuine guy and not a rip off merchant)

Ifhe does the job and the bearings do collapse then i will have to pay him for parts and labour to replace them, as he warned me prior. He has not yet given me a price to replace front pads and discs yet until research is done.

Rang another local mechanic and he said same thing about the bearings.

So i rang hyundai just for a labour cost to replace front discs and pads. quote came out at £127 inc VAT

If i got hyundai to do this, and bearings colapsed then could i push for them to do the bearings for free, as i was not warned of this from them etc etc?

i amjust trying to way up the options.
hope all this makes sense
brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - cheddar
If Hyundai (a dealer I assume) quoted £127 inc VAT then I assume that is what they will charge, they should be aware of any bearing issues.

Sounds like a reasonable price.
brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - adam f
yes it is a main dealer. £127 is labour - i am supplying parts
brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - cheddar
Aha, that is not such a good price then, how much are the parts? Why not get a quote parts and labour?
brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - adam f
i paid £117 inc VAT and the £6.50 delivery charge for discs and pads all round from

if i remeber rightly when i rang there parts place they wanted around £300 for discs and pads all round
brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - 659FBE
I'm not familiar with Hyundai vehicles, but many seem to be recycled GM. If I am right, the following might help:

The hub disk arrangement here is absolutely conventional, and the reason a bearing might collapse is if the disk were to be hammered free of the hub when rusted together. To free the disk without damage, jack up entire front of vehicle, remove both wheels and all disk fixings. Start engine in first gear, and gently apply brakes. One disk will break free. Fit two wheel bolts to this hub and repeat. The other will then break free. Usual nanny safety warnings apply.


brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - adam f
local garage is fitting the discs and pads now at a cost of £45 + vat.

if the bearings were to collapse then it would not matter as much because the garage has a hydrolic press to mend them, but they said it probably wont happen.
brakes , hubs and bearings ?? - yorkiebar
Dont know this car specifically....

but cant understand why bearings should collapse when changing discs/pads as long as sensible work practice is followed.

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