vw polo intermittent elec fault - longy
i have a 2002 polo 1.4 75bhp, twice in a week it has failed to start, when this happens i loose my dash display, no warning lights or background light, although the gauges work. when this happens it will turn over but not fire up. the rest of the dashboard lights work, radio, fan, h lights indicators all good but no start.

whilst we were being towed there was a sudden jolt in the chain and everything came back on and started.

5 days later same again and recovery bloke messed with fuses and wires under dash, 20 mins later it started but he didn't know what had happened??

anyone any ideas or had similar

vw garage didn't know but said we';d look at it for an extortionate rate.

vw polo intermittent elec fault - Number_Cruncher
Fuse boxes, and in particular the connections behind them are cheap, nasty, and prone to failure on these cars - giving exactly the symptoms you describe. I would begin to try to provoke this fault by wiggling the wired behind here and watching the dashboard lights.

vw polo intermittent elec fault - farmerhuw
My girlfriend had this on her 2000 polo 1.4. After failing again the fault was the ignition swich which cost £75 to replace.

Hope this helps..



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