Fuel Additives - Robin Hall
I've seen a few messages on the site about problems caused by Supermarket Fuel etc and wondered if anyone has any experience of Fuel Additives ? I've recently picked up a leaflet from Halfords for products from STP/Redex/Wynns/Slick that claim to clean Fuel systems and injectors. Waste of money or useful for a car that does mostly town work and has lived on Supermarket Petrol for the past 2 years? I have over the last month switched to Shell after reading advice on these pages but I wondered if any of these products would help as well with the rough running from cold we are suffering on our 94 20i Astra?
Any advice gratefully received from somone who used to fill up at the cheapest garage or the one offering the most "points" until joining this site
Re: Fuel Additives - Roger Jones
The VW/Audi (VAG) fuel additive did no end of good for the efficiency of my now-departed Audi, which, although always run on Shell, had persistent cool-running problems until I used the additive, which not only cured the problems overnight but also gave me first-feathertouch-of-the-key starting thenceforth. It is cheaper than the retail stuff. Part number G 001 700 03.
Re: Fuel Additives - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Based on experience the only fuel additives that are really efficient at cleaning up badly contaminated fuel systems are the professional type cleaners. FORTE and TEXACO aare the ones I currently use. The FORTE is at a slight disadvantage as it requires a slender funnel to get it into cars with an unleaded fuel restrictor in the fuel filler neck. The proprietory brands from Halfords etc, in my opinion are OK for mild problems and fine for keeping a clean system clean. TEXACO supply bottled treatments for petrol and diesel at their outlets but it is not as concentrated as the trade pack which is designed to give an optimum dose of around 1000 ppm on the average full tank.
I shall certainly give the VAG product a try. Does anybody know who makes it for them?
Good luck.
Re: Fuel Additives - Gavin
My car was run almost exclusively on supermarket petrol for 40000 miles before I bought it.

Would it be a good idea to use one of these cleaning products?

Forte and Texaco seem to be the reccomended ones. Is Texaco only sold from its garages?
Re: Fuel Additives - honest john
To my mind it makes more sense to use Texaco or Shell petrol as both contain a decent detergent package and the difference in cost is less than trying to rectify a problem later with a bottle of injector cleaner after using cheap non detergent or suspect detergent petrol.

Re: Fuel Additives - peter charnley
I have been fascinated by the points made about various makes of fuel,additives and oils. Shell petrol and diesel and Millers and Morris oils appear to be motoring elixers according to knowlegble contributers and HJ himself. Is is not time that Which tested them. I admit to finding the cheapest fuels i.e supermarkets,Esso and Fina to be very tempting. Are the last two brands really inferior? Also where can you buy Millars and Morris oils? I went looking for Millers additive too but could not find it.

Re: Fuel Additives - Kevin Alder
I use Millers in my Skoda diesel, and I also use the Millers diesel additive occasionally, but then I have a local stockist who enthuses about Millers whenever I go in. He wouldn't get me Millers gearbox oil though because he thought he wouldn't be able to sell the rest of the case.

If good wine needs no bushel, why isn't Millers (and/or Morris's) the only oil on the supermarket shelves?
Re: Fuel Additives - Richard Burfoot
I purchased Millers Diesel Power Plus from the motorshow for £5 a bottle. To be honest, I can't see it's made much difference, but will tell when I stop using it over the next few months when it runs out. I can't find a supplier locally either, but there is a list at millersoils.co.uk
Re: Fuel Additives - Malcolm
Rare stuff indeed, my nearest stockist is 40 miles away. Try www.millersoils.co.uk/distributers/general/index.h...m
Re: Fuel Additives - Robin Hall
Thanks for everyones' replies to this, one question to HJ though - will the use of Texaco/Shell petrol from now on counteract the effects of at least 2 years (maybe more) supermarket petrol ?

If I can speed up the process with one of these products I'm happy to spend £10 or so.

However, are there any possible side effects with these products I should be aware of?
Re: Fuel Additives - honest john
You'll find the number to call for your nearest Millers outlet on The Scratchpade at www.honestjohn.co.uk

Re: Fuel Additives - honest john
Missed Robin's second question. The answer is no. Shell or Texaco will merely keep a clean engine clean. To actually get rid of old tars and gums you'll need to use an additive which other contributors have given plenty of information about. The other benefit of Shell premium is that it is usually around 95.6 Ron, compared to an industry average of 95.1 Ron. I think you get a small mpg advantage from this as well as from a cleaner running engine.

Re: Fuel Additives - Tom Stoddart-Scott
Spent the last week at home and ran the car on Shell fuel having been solely using Safeways because it is cheap and noticed a considerable difference in MPG which leads me to think that I shall be finding my nearest Shell garage down south.

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