Suggestions on what car? - pitbull
I will be travelling around 500+ miles a week (65-70% motorway). The back seat must fold down flat, the same level as the boot as it will be used for storage. i will spend anything between 2-5k. Now heres the bigger problem, I want a car that is reletavilty trendy and fashionable to have, so estates are pretty much out of the question. Any ideas?
Suggestions on what car? - y2k+4
I can't think of anything that fits with your budget. Depends on your idea of stylish I guess (personally i think black Audi estates are as stylish as say, MINI's). What cars have caught your eye as being stylish?
Suggestions on what car? - pitbull
Okay, stylish - i just mean id rather have a hatchback than estate, pug 307, vw golf, ford focus, all fine. I just need a car where the seat fold flat. Hope that make it a bit clearer.
Suggestions on what car? - y2k+4
My Focus doesn't fold flush with the boot floor, they're flat, but slightly higher, I can't say it's a problem though. It's conceivable that a 307 (mini-MPV pretensions would, also if you can find a Honda Civic (2001-06) then it's highly likely they do as it was easily the most practical hatchback of the lot.
Suggestions on what car? - stunorthants
What about one of the Saab 9000 hatchbacks - huge boot on them.
Suggestions on what car? - Gromit {P}
Does the volume of the boot matter, and do you need a flat (or nearly flat) load-sill?

If you have a particular load in mind, the best thing to do is bring it (or a dummy of it made from a cardboard box) to a car supermarket or large dealer and try it in the back of as many different cars as possible. That may sound like a nuisance, but when my father was buying an estate for work that's exactly what he ended up doing.

As it happens, the easiest cars to load that he found were the Fiat Stilo and Fiat Multipla, if either fit the bill. A diesel Multipla would be cheap to run and trendy in an offbeat kind of way.
Suggestions on what car? - local yokel
Trendy, or good looking - the two are not the same!

Off the wall, left filed ide - how about an Audi Coupe (the Audi 90-based model) solid, great engineering, looks very smart still, a few around in your budget: for one on AT
Suggestions on what car? - pitbull
Cheers guys, like the idea of a civic if the seat do fold totally flat. The seats do need to fold TOTALLY flat, the width isnt an issue. Any other ideas?
Suggestions on what car? - pitbull
I would also be interested in smaller cars like corsa/clios/polos, as long as the seats fold flat. Any help appreciated?
Suggestions on what car? - Adam {P}
If you don't mind me asking, why do they need to fold totally flat? Tell me to sod off if it's none of my business.

If you mean totally flat, then that's definitely the Focus out. I think that would rule the Corsa and Clio out too. And definitely the Polo of the ages you'd be looking at.
Suggestions on what car? - Xileno {P}
With most hatchbacks the seat bit goes up against the front seats and then the back bit goes flat. So I don't think you are going to get a truly flat load area. Except of course in the Honda Jazz (I think). Maybe one of these would be available for £5K from auction.
Suggestions on what car? - BogStandard
With the Suzuki Swift the rear seats tumble forwards - back folds over base, then whole thing tilts up against front seats. Result - flat loadspace, but shorter, due to double thickness of cushions folded against front seats.
Suggestions on what car? - BogStandard
Replying to myself, I can't find any new shape Swifts in your price range. I don't know what the configuration of the old shape's rear seats are.
Suggestions on what car? - pitbull
thanks for the input guys. Ive had a look, and I think the toyoata yaris might be the answer?
Suggestions on what car? - y2k+4
I didn't think they folded flat, as they slide backwards/forwards?
Suggestions on what car? - pitbull
You might be right, the parkers guide says that they fold totally flat?! They could be wrong i guess!
Suggestions on what car? - y2k+4
Well this could be good, but it would depend on what you wanted to put on the flat back seats - if length of the item(s) would fit with the seat slid fully forward. As I said earlier, your options at this price will be limited.
Suggestions on what car? - mare
Skoda Octavia rear seats fold flat. And you'll get a good choice under £5k.
Suggestions on what car? - Avant
Yes, the old-shape (2001-05) Civic seats do fold down flat - not as cleverly as the Jazz, but conventionally (cushions up, headrests off, backrests down). Quite a good van - not hugely roomy but if you'd consider a Yaris then it should be enough.

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